09 June 2009

The many Pros that tried and the only Con that dominated.

the countless things that i can be happy about today:

- MMH project turned out okay.

- hung out with the bunch during lunch.

- caught Miss Michy and Cindy Chowzerz in college, twice.

- saw catherine and got my laundry basket for free, and i gave her a lollipop which made her smile.

- wished iin a Happy Birthday. : )

- saw regina in college today and she gave me one of the biggest smiles anyone could ever give. : )

- had a good laugh when the Red FM crew came to college. : )

- helped a bunch of diploma students open the staff room door when none of the lecturers were around.

- helped the diploma students again to look for ms karam and lent them my stapler to staple their assignments.

- talked to ms thaera for quite a bit. managed to make her laugh. : )))

- smiled and said hi to ms catherine even though she has no clue who i was.

- saw ms mei yi and i couldn't help but giggle. : )))

- didn't have to wait for the elevators 3 times straight as it opened up as soon as i arrived at the door.

- finally paid my rent.

- kate and catherine might be coming over on friday for a sleepover.

- my cindy chowzers is coming to sleepover on saturday night. ^_^

- mum banked in money for me; i can be relieved now.

i should be happy, seeing that there were twice as many happy things that happened to me today that's worth staying happy about...

but just because of the one thing that i hoped would happen did not come true, that was enough to defeat my happiness for the whole day.

it's funny how just one minor upsetting thing in our lives is able to blind us of all the happiness that we are blessed with.

make me smile again,

because i know you know it's possible.

p/s you have a point amber, maybe that whole substituting thing really does apply. i wish it weren't true though.