06 June 2009

On T's birthday.

despite having to handle projects throughout the day, i still had just about enough strength to carry me on for the fun of spending a few hours with T on her birthday. : )

events included:

a- family breakfast @ sri paandi's
b- small birthday lunch @ the pyramid

but i wished i had my camera with me though. do forgive me and the crappy pictures. mobile cameras can never beat a digital camera, but i just had to make do because it's the only thing i've got.

all pictures taken from the mobile cameras of T, Miss Michy and Chowzerz.

so without further ado, T's special day: in peektures! :D

after breakfast (didn't get the chance to take any nice peektures because i was too hungry to choose photo-taking over the foooood :P), it was on to the pyramid!! :D originally it was meant for the foundation march intake students, but unfortunately only Cool Candice went. the rest couldn't make it. nonetheless, we had great fun. ^_^

picked up miss michy and cindy chowzerz along the way. :D i *heartz* these two lovies. ^_^

chowzerz and yours truly.

t: "cindy looks like she's trying to get the chair high by rubbing against it."

hahahahahhaa. :P

"super kawaii" (tharshni, 2009). XD

heading on to save Candice from hunger. i super love T's curls okay. if only my hair were crazy-curly instead of messy-wavy. eek.

originally wanted to eat at Thai-Thai, but when we reached there we couldn't find Candice. we tried calling too but to no avail. turned out she was waiting for us at Ole-Ole Bali instead.


venue: ole-ole bali.

being there just reminds me of mei, natasha, vonny and audrey. i somehow just really miss my old housemates, even if we didn't talk much to each oher.

the happy miss michy.

cool candicez!! :D

candice taking a picture of t, and vice versa.

solo picture-taking session with the t!

candicez + T.

crazy chowzerz + T.

miss michy + T.

the chipmunk + T.
(there were two pictures because T just had to make a face when i squeezed her too hard. :P)

candice's crazy idea: to have T imitate the Indian God Ganesh. hehehehe.

the overall atmosphere at the restaurant was really nice. i loved the pictures of buddha faces and hinduism statues all over the place. it makes me feel really tranquil... if it weren't for the rest of them who kept making jokes that made me throw giggling fits. :P


we chatted quite a bit over lunch (okay, maybe the rest of them did the chatting more as i just listened on.) i was getting rather bloated because i was still kindda full from the morning's breakfast. but the food was still good and everyone enjoyed it. : )

after that, we had the restaurant people bring out the cake that we sneakily got for T. :P hehehehe.



the happy t, making her bday wish like a little child. *super KAWAII hahahahaha*

the ritual of taking out the candle on the cake with her mouth.

too bad there wasn't enough cream on the cake for us to push T into. _snickers_

cake-cutting! :D

i was so bloated after the meal. i couldn't even finish the cake! *dies*

on our way back.
picture-taking courtesy of t.

somehow she always takes good pictures using mobile phones. i've always wondered why. *ponders*


overall we had quite a blast. i was stressed out by assignments and things still, and there are yet so many things that i have to deal with, but having a bit of a fun time with the unexpected bunch really did lighten up things for me a bit. : )

my heartiest of thanks, to those who made it really fun today. my day didn't really turn out the way i thought it would - but surprisingly i loved every moment of it.

and i'm glad you had a fun time today t. : )

happy birthday. we love youz.

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