04 June 2009

The new unit.

been moving from my old unit to the new place today. i never realised that i had so much junk until i had to rearrange all my stuff today. : P

finally settled in around 10pm last night, trying to put all my things into the right places. the shower area and the door knobs need a little tweaking or two so we're still waiting for the landlord to work on that so that our place would be perfect. so far everything's alright.

the only downside is that whenever i wake up and look out the window, the first thing i see is my college. O_O

spent a whole lot of time trying to get my wall done. got it neatly arranged at about 11pm-ish. : )

my little cornerz. : ) _love_

the mini-wall next to my study table.

the cream of the crop, my most prized possessions on my shiny wallz. _swoonz_

currently still trying to get used to the new place but so far so it's still alright. hopefully it'll be done after our trip to ikea tomorrow! : D

.... but i still miss my old housemates mei, natasha, vonny and audrey though. somehow without mei's laughter, everything seems so quiet.

althea's moving in soon. hopefully that would help brighten the place up a bit.


random photo of me and sheena today during IMC tutorials.

and apparently i am her newly appointed "Shortay" and she's my Skinny Bitch. : )

well, she and evonne anyway. : P

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tiff pan said...

wow i totally forgot that i gave you that metoyou drawing of the bears in the theatre. when did i send that to you? it must have been during our junior year. haha that's pretty funny.: )