28 June 2009

KLue Urbanscapes 2009.

attended my first Urbanscapes at KLpac the other day.

just in case you have no clue what Urbanscapes is, it's an event organised by KLue and is the first and only all-day “user-generated” creative arts festival.

Urbanscapes aims to bring together communities and participants from the fields of music, arts, fashion/lifestyle and film under a single banner to showcase the best of the local scene. this year, it features involvement from KLue's sister publications Junk and Tongue In Chic. Junk will be hosting the music stages, while Tongue In Chic will be bringing some colour and fashion flair to the marketplace.

i was pretty much awed out by the place. there were so many artsy stuff to see there, and the handmade trinkets and funky clothing were abundant. i wish i had enough money to buy everything that i liked. :D and the people omg the PEOPLE! so many different people there, it was a refreshing sight to see.

this is definitely the place to go when i want to experience the urban music and modern arts in Malaysia. : )

but i have to say that the best thing about being there was seeing so many famous blogger around. one of the biggest goals on my list that i made before i came to KL to study was to see all of my favourite bloggers in the flesh.

and at Urbanscapes was where my dream came true.

i caught my favouriteJENIFER of JENNIHSURF.NET, SMASHPOP of SMASHPOP.NET, SUET LI of SWEATLEE.COM and her boipren barry, SU ANN of QUAINTLY.NET, and the awesome: JOYCE of KINKYBLUEFAIRY.NET!!!

i couldn't stop squealing like an uber fan when i saw them. especially when i caught jen and joyce. both of them are my super favourites. : )))) funny thing though because i only caught jen by recognizing smashpop's friend rames. heehee. :P

KLpac, the building.

zouk was there! they were selling shirts and promoting music.

tall trees outside the building.

they had some awesome creations in the building. this one has fishies in them. : )


yet another awesome art design thing upstairs.

funky thingey.

handmade lovies! one for RM10.90 though. O_O

karya! my favourite stall within the building.

hand-printed tees. RM15 for each shirt, and if you want a multicolour print, all you have to do is add RM1! :D

got myself one. : )

one of their best-selling prints. mine's this one too. : )

karya buttons! i've gotten a bunch. : )

impromptu acting. super love!

the actors and actresses were hilarious! love them. : )

funky shirts sold at the vendors outside the building.

more handmade trinkets! i love them to bits.

block thingies that you can customise. RM80 per block.

we found lots of owl prints at the place somehow. very kiut though. : )

me and meen, photograph with the pictures taken with the lomograph camera.

my sisters would've loved the vendors to bits. even i'm happy just by looking at them! : )

handmade lomocam necklaces! : )

it was one of the best experiences ever. :D wish i'd taken more pictures though.

i personally can't wait for the urbanscapes event next year!! ^_^

3 spilled milk:

TSim said...

Eh! The in red, doing the impromptu is a friend, Farah!

Didn't think she'll fall under your lens. Coolz...

jasmine218 said...

omg girl! is the fair thingy still on? xD

i went to KLpac last time for this art perf called "Toilet" and totally love the place~

great for model shooting! *snickers*

do lemme know!
i see awesome accessories and tees xDDD


jasmine218 said...

awww boo!
it lasts only one day!

if i knew this earlier i'd FLY there and be there!

oh well nevermind~


i shall wait for next year!