08 June 2009

In a heartbeat.

sitting alone in the splicing chamber,

feeling slightly ignorant and tired.

but in a heartbeat, everything stopped;

and i suddenly felt the whole world run away in a flash.

people and cars,

they pass me by without noticing;

and i them.

so many things happening,

all at once.

rush rush rush.


and rush again.

one event has passed,

and another is just around the corner.

is it just my mind playing tricks on me,

or is it my turn to feel it now?

sometimes i wish there was a pause button in life

for myself and everyone else who needs it.

good morning, world.

here's another hectic week to look forward to.


when all else fails - i still have you. : )

have a great happy birthday deaney boy. we miss you. owh so much. *hugs*

someone's finally 18 now. ; )

1 spilled milk:

tarotism said...


Thanks and I never know you have that picture... Eyerrr why you guys keep those pictures I never know.