11 June 2009

The hazey days.

just sitting here, looking out the window and trying to make out the blurry images of skyscrapers and buildings in the thick haze that covered up half of the city.

most of the assignments are done and over with. i can feel myself relaxing a little bit more. i've been so stressed out lately with all the things going on. i keep dropping things and running into objects and hurting myself or breaking the things i happen to run into.

and i know i've always sleeptalked quite a bit when i sleep, but the other day my friend caught me sleepSHOUTING. now that's one serious thing. i feel quite embarrassed about it since my friend is a light-sleeper.

i looked it up and came to know of a new word: SOMNILOQUY. also known to all as sleeptalking.

went out grocery shopping yesterday with lala bear. took out a bunch of my loot and spent it on more personal stuff this time: thomas kempers, orange juice (GOODDAY JASMINE, GOODDAY! :D), wholemeal bread, etc.

but i'm most happy because i finally got the courage and bagged tea leaves, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom seeds, cloves, black peppers, brown sugar, black glutinous rice and coconut milk.

guess who's going to be busy in the kitchen this weekend? ; ) the woman in me is sprouting. ♥ hehehehehe.

i'm not exactly sure if i'd be able to come up with the perfect combination because i've only seen my mamie and daisy doo splish-splash things up in the kitchen the other day, but hopefully i won't accidentally poison myself or any of my friends who dare to try. hehe. mamie says soul food don't need no recipe, so i wanted to try and see if i have the hands to do that. : )

wish me luck.

am currently struggling with my Intro to Mass Comm course. ms thaera's really nice to help me most of the time, but i feel that i always let her down because all my assignments and exams turn out with really average results. : (

it makes me feel like a failure, but i'm trying to find out what went wrong in the process. _sigh_

found out about this awesome lady from simitron.

and i'm glad to say that we have an east malaysian who can do us proud (besides che'nelle). : )

her music has the word "TALENT" written all over them.


zee avi looks and sounds familiar. i keep thinking if she's a friend of any of my friends back at home. _wonders_

was just doing my usual poem-surfing on the web and happened to stumble upon this particular one that for some reason caught my eye and left an unspeakable feeling inside of me.

Candle Light

© By Lindsey R. Shapiro

Candlelight spills into my room.
It falls across your face and even mine

It falls across your body,
It discovers you, your perfections, your Imperfections,

Your hopes and aspirations.
The candlelight is soft and so forgiving.

The candlelight is warm and inviting.
When the morning comes and the candle is

Through it will have already discovered you.
Now it is gone the warmth is lost.

You are left in the twilight of early dawn.
You have been stripped bear as sleep rushes in.

Now sleep my darling, for I am here
I am still the candle that burns with in.

somehow i miss my english literature days. i remember citing my favourite poem "tonight i can write" by pablo neruda. one of my favourites, even when people think it's too much.

will you write me some more love?
i miss your words,
always so beautifully strung in a letter
sent to me in that familiar brown envelope of yours.

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