18 June 2009

Happy Birthday Tiffo. : )

to the one who has been one of the greatest friends anyone can ever wish for.

do you remember love, the birthday post i wrote for you last year?

its a wonder how sometimes you meet people who can change your life completely.

for me, i met this one person who has shown me so many things and who has played a big role in my life.

i first met her when were were both only 8 or 9. or maybe 10. back then we never talked. she wouldn't have even been a part of my life if she didn't speak to me last year when she came.

"what are you reading? oh,'the five people you meet in heaven'! that's a good one."

and then a smile. : )

those were the first words she said to me. we only spoke briefly last year. but this year we shared everything else. and things just started falling into place after that.

she's only been here for two weeks or so, but it felt like i've known her my whole life. put us in a room for a month and we'd still be able to survive without any other entertainment.

oh wait. i take that back. throw in a guitar, THEN we'll be able to live. : )

a sensitive soul to the bones, she's always thoughtful and kind and loving and caring. if i had more friends like her i couldn't ask for anything more. i really love talking to her and sharing everything else. she would just absorb it in like a sponge and not judge me for it.

and most importantly, she introduced me to the one person that would love me for who i am: Him. : )

sometimes i really miss her. and i wished we weren't so far apart. she's a great friend, and i'm glad that she stepped into my life.

i miss talking to you.
i miss playing music with you.
i miss laughing with you.
i miss reading in silence with you.
and i miss making you smile. : )

have a great 18th, Tiffo. i wish i could be there to celebrate your birthday with you. but you'll always have me, and don't you forget that.

and i still mean every word of it. your smile is always vivid in my mind; the happiness that i feel everytime i speak to you still lingers around me.

i miss you, still. and someday, i just know that we'll be able to meet up again and talk our nights away like how we used to. both of us in the car cruising, with the windows rolled down, the wind in our hair, the words that bind us together and the silence that draws us even closer

"one of us has to drive, and one of us gets to think", right? : )

soon t. very soon. i have faith, so you should have it too.

i hope that your 19th is just as awesome, if not better than your 18th. even though i'm not able to throw you a birthday bash, but do know that i wish i could! i love you lots! ^_^

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tiff pan said...

hey hey i tried calling you at around 9:10 but you didn't pick up so...now it's already 11. i don't want to wake you up so i'll leave you a message instead: ) thanks for this birthday post! : ) i was smiling the whole time while reading it. you're so sweet michelle! one of my favorite people indeed. yes i can't wait for the day we get to chill again.ahaha you should have been here shopping with me; i bought so much today.: ) more on this later. i'll send you pictures of what i bought soon haha.: )