06 June 2009

Happy Birthday T. : )

to our very own Queen Latifah...

the one who has always been a good sport.

everyone loves you, there's no doubt about that

the mere mention of your name brings smiles onto so many faces

when people think of you, they remember all the times they'd laugh with you

all the moments they've shared with you

and all the while that you've been there for them.

the one who has always been a tough mama.

people know you as the tough cookie,

the one who won't let others push you around

the one who knows what she wants

and who will forever stands her ground.

the one whom i can always count on.

forever and always, i will remember you:

the friend who never fails to make me laugh

the lecturer who teaches from experiences rather than books

the mamie who taught me to stand up on my own when i fall

and the person who has cared so, so much.

thank you mamie, for everything thus far.

there are so many things that one can give, and you've always shared your life experiences with me. how many people have that opportunity? i should be so lucky. we speak of music, art, people, culture, life; sometimes there are just too many things, speech exceeds me when i want to talk about it. but i'm happy to know that i will always have someone to share my feelings with.

words fail me when i want to show how much i appreciate you. most of the time i find it hard to express how i feel, because every other word that exists in this world mean so little. but i just want you to know that i am glad to have met you in my life, beyond words and without a doubt.

an enormous "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" to you T. may you have a great one this year. : )

p/s i hope you like your present. :P

the divine creation of music, in the form of Putumayo.

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