22 May 2009

What old pictures say about now.

time brings unexpected things,

and along the way we grow as we travel on.

most of the time the roads seem all the same,

but sometimes we venture into those that are unfamiliar;

and we find ourselves at a crossroad,

just looking, staring,

trying to decide where to go.

we are young,

still naïve and innocent, as it were.

but we are not afraid to learn

to get our hands dirty and clean them up ourselves,

to break our own hearts and heal it again.

somewhere in between,

things can get us down.

and when life runs off course,

it turns us;

changes us.

sometimes when we steer into a different path,

we are meant to undergo changes

and become better along the way.

and from little steps,

we learn.

first we are afraid to take that step

but slowly we get used to it.

we may be afraid;

we may be challenged,

and yet we move on

and we try our best to get to the top.

the steps along the road is long and winding,

but we take them on by the horns.

and when times get dark,

always know that the light is at the end of the tunnel

and things will eventually be okay.

don't hang on;

let go.

and life will find its way back to you.

photography copyright michellious.

... and those who take the pictures without linking or infringing copyright to its owner will wish that durians and watermelons never existed.

3 spilled milk:

Siying said...

love this post. :) the pics the poems and everything!! :D:D

miss you babe.

ps: plox. give moi. you address. in kl. :D

pps: you forgot pineapples. :)

tseyui said...

HAHAHAHA.. i love the last line

tiff pan said...

wow.that was epic.from beginning to finish. thanks for sharing.