25 May 2009

What are you up to and where have you been?

she's leaning against the edge again, her current favourite spot in the world. she held the bottle tight in her hands, feeling the freezing cold bite against her calloused fingers. she single-handedly popped open the bottle, and watched the cold chill linger out slowly from the mouth of the bottle.

she took a mouthful and felt the frizz make its way down her throat. the winds blew again, taking her thoughts away once more into the darkness of the night. her eyes moved from the bottle in her hands towards the view from where she stood. the lights illuminated the streets still, but it wasn't brave enough to ignite the whole city. slowly she could feel that there was a change in the air. putting aside the bottle, she held out her hands and waited.

surely enough, there it was. one drop, two drops, three. she held back her arms and looked at the droplets that laid barren in her palms, slowly she placed her hand onto her face, feeling the coldness of the raindrops on her skin. a wave of emotions suddenly swept her away, leaving her numb throughout.

that feeling - it was familiar.

she closed her eyes then, rethinking the times when she last felt this way. she rummaged through the memories and thoughts in her head. and finally she found it, and she smiled. the familiar faces, the stories, the love. it was ignorant of her to have missed it all this while, but she realises it now. to take it all back again and rebuild what was once there.

pete murray started to play in her iPod, serenading her heart and her thoughts, putting them at a standstill.

Throw my smoke down on the ground,
Turn my head and I heard the sound,
That reminded me,
Of the days so young and sweet;
Always so much fun to meet,
At least I thought so.

my heart is reaching out to you, hoping you will take my hand in return.

wherever you may be, my thoughts will always be with you.

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Griselda said...

My sweetest friend ever...i can totaly feel the warmest and the passion of ur heart. Althought we are so far apart but i know that whenever there's confusion in my life there's ALWAYS friends that i can turn to,thank you so much for giving me the warmest support~ I will be better! Thank you so much!

with love,