06 May 2009

Staying in.

it's a wednesday morning and i'm up late. it's one of those days where i don't have to rush everything and i can just sit at home and finish up some things.

the past two days have been hectic. and quite surprisingly i am feeling awfully good about myself.

and no i did not take pillz or needlez. don't get your head in a puddle.

i've been going through some things lately, and so are those around me whom i love. due to what has happened i could've easily beaten myself up into a pulp at this point, but surprisingly i got through it rather quickly. faster than i could've imagined.

thanks, to those who've helped and those who tried to.

and to the ones who're still working it out, it'll be okay. i can't promise you that it will be soon, but i know that it will.

and you'll still have me. : )

okay emotional crap aside, i've been prioritising and it helped quite a bit. got a few things straight and i am still feeling really good about it.

all smiles. : )

have a bunch load to do.

1 - three journals to be finished by TODAY for ECS. due tomorrow. (>_<)

2 - long-ass essay for ms thaera's comm class to be handed in after break. must. do. research. NOW.

3 - appointments to confirm.

busy busy day.

gotta run now peoplez. will update when there's something to update about. :P

wish me luck! *and to my fellow coursemates too*

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