19 May 2009


short and quick recap on a few things before i get back to my IMC revision (again).

i finally got a hair cut. after some time i guess i just needed something to change, so in the end my hair became the victim of it. i never expected the hairdresser to gimme this haircut though. i just said i wanted a change and he just gave me whatever. i didn't really mind.

turned out that he gave me a bob-style hair cut. yes. bob-style. mushroom head, as ya'll call it.

at first i found it different, then i found it slightly cute, and after that THEN i found it hilarious. my friends were all laughing at me and my haircut. and quite frankly i'm not the slightest mad at them though.

list of reactions from friends (accending order):

mei: eee! like dora the explorer! :D

althea: omg you cut your hair?... i'm not used to it lah wei. LoLz.

amber: *eyes very wide*.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA(continuously)!!!!111 ...but seriously damn kiut wei. :P

jasmeen: hey michelle you cut your hair ah! like... okay lah sorry but macam budak bodoh. *snickers*

mark: *tries very hard not to laugh*

rebekah: ... HAHAHAHAHA. :D

tharshanator: heyl.... *eyes very wide*... HAHAHAHAHAHA OMG DORA THE EXPLORER!!!

it's funny how sometimes, even when things turn out really bad, you get a kick out of it. maybe at one point the laughing gets really embarrassing for me when they slightly go over the line, but that's life right? we laugh at the silly things and forget about it.

but i have to say, the interesting thing was that when they laughed, it makes me somewhat happy too. : )

and i hate to admit, but i look slightly *just slightly* like this:


... yeah. shaddap. :P

got introduced to one hell of an awesome song that i can't seem to get my mind off of.

and nothing beats acoustic version. NOTHING. _omgsplutterdies_

this. is. definitely. new. love.

and the boys are so cute. : ) you must admit.

thanks toamy. you're an awesome music lover. i am glad i found another who knows their music. : )

and what do you call an awesome rocker woman in her 50s who still looks DAMN hawt?


i couldn't stop listening to the bangles' "Eternal Flame". it's one of my oldie favs. *hearts*


two of my friends just came to visit me at my apartment to see if i were okay. i feel better now. : ) okay, back to revision.

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CharT said...

Oooh totally cosplay as Dora during Halloween or something.

('cosplay' makes it sound more grown-up... somewhat)