30 May 2009

Of birthdays and a new love.

would've uploaded the pics last night if my internet connection hasn't decided to go haywire on me. *pulls a face*

but fear not!! had the motivation to get up and upload these as soon as. : )

so without further ado, presenting the pictures from our outing for caryn's birthday yesterday at Italiannies and Red Box @ The Curve. : )

waiting for the rest to arrive @ Italiannies.

The Jasmeenz. : )

and the starterz have arrived. : D

syaza. pic by althea.

the bunch that was there.
syaza, me (hand), jasmeen (behind me), caryn, sim (slightly seen behind bex), rebekah and althea.

caryn, opening the present from amber. she looked extra cautious because we made it seem really freaky. she wondered if anything would've popped out when she opened it. hahaha.

...and the top's off!


hahahah she was relieved to see that it was just a box full of sweets and such...

... but we didn't tell her that we hid the condoms and a pregnancy test at the bottom. *giggles*

then our meals came! : )

caryn and jasmeen's pizza!

rebekah and althea had the same: chicken and mushroom spaghetti.

i hasz the awesome romano chicken sandwich with stir fried mushrooms and tomatoes. : )

sim's chicken milano platter. the best out of all the meals we ordered imho.

syaz's shrimp and salmon pizzaaaa.

heading on to Red Box.

no specific reason for this picture. i just thought rebekah's facial expression looked funny and sim would've looked perfect with a t-shirt with the Superman logo on it (refers to her pose *g*). and if you look really hard, there's a syaza somewhere. :P

@ Red Box!

not one of the most awesomest pics but after editing it looks vintage and has a cool effect. : )

heaps of lovin' from meen.

wishful cheeky caryn. : )

she hasz cutz the cakez.

meeen and rebekah busy smiling whereas thea was choosing the songs.

"i'm grateful for this cake... but i'm too full to chuck it in."

the red shiny star with the mic.

sim, making herself at home. :P the pic above, courtesy of syaz. : )

bekah and the birthday girl.

sim, belting out to "every woman in the world". XD

jasmeen on the couch, doing her thang.

and syaza went up too. :P

jasmeen pours so much emotion into her singing. :P

yeah the sick person was on the couch most of the time... until britney's "womanizer" came on. hahaha. couldn't resist.

caryn, in between two gargantuan ladies. :P

thea, trying to camwhore with me using my hugeass camera.

everybody up!!!

we sang (or rather, screamed to) so many songs, i think we've sang all the major languages in malaysia. hehehe. it was really fun, even though i was feeling ill throughout; and it felt good to have relaxed with the bunch after all the stress. : )

happy *early* birthday caryn! we lovez you. : )


and at the struck of midnight:

there was yet another one. : )

it's mei's birthday, so the boipren decided to throw her a surprise. practically the whole village was up just for her. everyone of her friends (from mentari and suriamas and most prolly some from ridzuan) were here and they all sneaked up to her room to give her the surprise. she was almost already asleep when the boyfriend went up to wake her up. : )

it was just the sweetest thing. *giggles*

happy birthday, mummy mei! may you always be blessed with so much love. ^_^


was surfing the net for some information on YouTube, and somehow i came across this gem:


pauline (real name: pauline vasseur) is a french composer, songwriter and singer. a musician at a very young age, she has just come up with her single "Allo Le Monde". her music is mostly pop, but it's got a really fresh beat to it.

i couldn't stop listening to her music off YouTube again and again. her voice melts me into pieces. ahh l'amour. : )

well what can i say? french singers croon love into my ears. : )

pauline is definitely a new love. ^_^

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