05 May 2009


she placed her hands on the coldness of the edge of the stone wall, leaning there as if she were hanging on a thread where one small move would end in her plunge from the 17th floor to the ground. in her hands she held the metal cross tight; its size so small yet its meaning held so much more.

she looked at the cross in her palm, almost hearing the words that He had for her. at that fleeting moment she wanted to cry again, but somehow she knew she could not. with tears of restraint hanging from the edges of her eyes she closed her palm slowly but tightly, securing the cross in her hands once again and she didn't let go.

she couldn't.

she looked up, and gazed at the pitch dark sky where only the smallest hint of dawn was starting to break into the horizon like cracks in a picture.

she stood there for a moment, taking everything in; the way the sky moved when nobody was watching, the way the streets started to buzz and come to life, the way the wind kissed her face as if to whisper soft secrets that no one was to understand but her.

the day before was one of the best days of her life, and yet yesterday was one of the crappiest she's ever gone through.

but what can she do, right? life can be a bitch. but she shrugged it off.

taking one deep breath, she closed her eyes and loosened up. her eyes slowly fluttered open as she exhaled, and she grabbed her bag at her foot and started walking.

unconsciously, she found herself smiling.

it was yet, another day.

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