07 May 2009

Love came back. : )

having my study leave from today onwards. will have to busy myself with studies for the upcoming week.

mass comm assignment to deal with. omg my head feels like breaking into two. ugh.

: (

only recently has my love come back to me - LETTERS ARE STREAMING BACK IN AGAIN!! : D

i haven't been receiving letters properly ever since i moved here to the Big City. sometimes my friends would tell me they've sent me things but their parcels never got through. but for the past week, i've gotten 3 packages that make me smile really really big.

thanks lovies. your love always make me feel better. always. : )

packages i've gotten so far:

from the faraway land of EU-KAY. : )

there CharT, i featured your letter on my blog as promised. : ) hehehe.

i super loved your letter hun. you make letters so poetic. your description of all the flowers blooming in spring makes me want to fly over to London like NOW NOW NOW. awesome beauty, they are. : )

and then there's the very familiar long doggie-face card. : )

daddy kerrie baby daughter misses you loads. : ) *glomps and kisses*

and last but not least, the one that i've waited a LONG time to arrive and prayed REALLY hard for it to get here...

from the girl whose music never fails to delight me in many ways.

like i said tiffo, your package got through!! somehow i think the people at the malaysian post tore the package open again to check again like last time when you sent me the bible for my 17th birthday but i think everything's pretty intact.

there's your awesome music with your lovely voice;

a list of songs on the CD;

an thank you card with your familiar handwriting in it;

and a picture of us, taken back when you came to visit.

i hope those are all. : )

when we were younger...
and together.

i [love] you.

the words you say never cease to make me melt love. i love you too. : )

letters coming your way loves. : )

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