27 May 2009

Bummed outz.

i've been so tired lately. it's taking me forever to just get some things done. whenever i get home i just want to faint away in bed.

i think i'm getting a mild condition of "Simitha Syndrome". *snickers*

there's still one last exam to deal with: malaysian studies. it's basically just studying history all over again, but this time in english. i am so not looking forward to this, but i have to get it done and over with sooner or later.

looking at the text on my laptop is driving me nutz. O_O

ms. natasha gave us yet two more assignments to do for the next couple of weeks. videos again, no surprise there. somehow i'm looking forward to doing the "my malaysia" one. but i'm not exactly sure if my enthusiasm can last long because she's always expecting so many things in a video.

vuh. *dies*

just came back from college too, working on a collaboration with the March Intake Foundation students with their English for College Studies 2 project. met up with semester 1 chairperson CANDICEEEEE. candice. i like that name. : ) toamy is right though, definitely a cool person to hang out with.

looking forward to supporting each other's projects. : )

reality has been running its cold blade against the edges of my life recently. i try to pull through everyday without having to break into a million little pieces all at once. my life makes me feel as though i'm running a marathon. constantly struggling to get to nirvana at the end of the race but i'm breathing hard, choking and gasping for air.

but i'm surprised i'm still alive to pull through. sometimes things can get to me, but somehow optimism becomes ones best friend when things get too boring as they're the same routine everyday.

it's odd though, because i'm still happy. yeah, there are times when people can give us hard times, but we pull through, you know? and along the way you'll slowly come to find out who's worth standing up the fight with.

: )

_gets back to malaysian studies_

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tiff pan said...

加油 Michelle!: ) you can get through your malaysian studies and everything you're dealing with right now. cherish your freshman year of college; i think it's just going to get more and more hectic. but don't lose hope! keep running this race and you will get there eventually! we're all in the same boat; take comfort in that.