23 May 2009

A break.

i had one of the most serious cases of insomnia last night (or rather, this morning). had a long discussion with lala bear and ended up getting insomnia until 4am this morning.

only woke up at 9am, 10am and 11am respectively. :P hehehe.

later on i went and spent the rest of the day with lala bear and zin at the pyramid, getting a few things here and there. it wasn't anything special, but spending time with them did make me feel a lot better. the time spent at the bookstores and CD outlets did make a feel at ease somehow.

didn't really catch much, but i spent a couple of tens on things today.

japanese fruit tea - the detox way out.

have been having an upset stomach lately. i still don't know why, but i found this japanese tea set at jusco's earlier so i decided to get them, just to detox myself for a bit.

hopefully i'll get better.

the only anime that i ever loved watching - The Chef.

i remembered watching this YEARS ago when it was last shown on AXN. i'm not exactly a big fan of anime, but this one was able to keep me hooked for years. zin told me she found the DVD box set at popular's a few weeks ago.

i felt obliged to get it. for around 20 bucks, it's quite affordable. : )

and last but not least, the ultimate love that has kept me addicted the whole day:

"The Angel's Game" by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.

the minute i laid eyes on the name i couldn't stop holding it throughout my visit at the bookstore.

one of my favourite authors of all time, Carlos Ruiz Zafon finally came up with the prequel to his international bestseller "The Shadow of The Wind".

i remember reading every single page of Shadow of the Wind; his raw writing and the way he plays with people's emotions is so vivid and full of substance. i could picture every scene that he conjured in the pages of his novel. i really love and adore Mr. Zafon's work, and this is one those books that i WILL NOT fail to get.

and i promise myself i will get this. no - i MUST.

but for now... i have yet to finish the ELEVEN new novels that i have lying around.

_sigh_ wish me luck.

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tiff pan said...

wow eleven new novels to read?? sounds delicious.: )

i bought mark haddon's "a part of bother" today at the bookstore. i was deciding between that and "outlier" by malcom gladwell(author of "the tipping point"). i decided to get haddon's novel because i enjoy reading fiction rather than a psychological/business book that tells you how to become successful. yeahhh.haha have you read either of these books? any book recommendations?