16 May 2009

The break, not the Kit Kat.

taking a break from reading my Intro to Mass Comm textbook.

i swear if i read anymore pages my eyes will fuzz out and i will go blind. O_O

my weeks have been hectic, overall. like what amber said: "Mich and her 6th academic-spider sense is actually right! Sem 2 is actually quite stressing, goddamnit." it was just the unsettling feeling that our second semester's going to be a hellava ride, and so far it's proven me quite right.

mid terms is just two days away, and i'm still stuck with my Malaysian Media History and my Intro to Mass Comm studies. so many things, so little time. it's a sin to have so many things to do.

*tries not to pull hair out*

things have gone pretty haywire for me. after a long period of time, that feeling just creeps up on me and decides to toy around with my thoughts and emotions, in the end leaving me stripped bare and naked in front of an audience. the last big screw up was the year before, and the friendship that was held under strong foundation had been able to crumble and almost diminish because of it.

but luckily everything was slowly pieced back together, even if there are still torn parts that are not meant to be brought up anymore.

sometimes life can just throw you off course. when it decides to, it will kick you in the shins and you'll steer to some unknown destination, almost crashing as it were.

but there will always be people in the passenger seats to help you. : )

i spent a good amount of time speaking to Him last night. it's been quite a while since i've taken the initiative to speak to Him again. it felt good, to just stand there at the balcony, holding Him in my hands and feeling his presence around me as i spoke silently.

too religious? haa well, some people need it when the time comes around.

going through youtube.com and watching all the janet jackson videos my friend sent me. it makes me miss those times when i was younger. more carefree and a lot more oblivious as to what the future might bring.


anyway, mum's been calling me up about the whole swine flu sitch. she's sent over 10 masks so i can wear/distribute them to people.


oh, and i'm changing my number again soon so my phone line won't keep barring. celcom's barred my line for the second time round now.

and guess what. one text would cost me RM0.50. it's BLOODY FIFTY CENTS okay. and you do NOT want to know how many texts i can send in a day. omg you do NOT want to know.


will inform you guys when i get the number tomorrow. :)

been having the worst upset stomach ever. trying to detox today. hope it works. *shrugs*

okay break's over. i gotta get back to my IMC studies now.


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