05 April 2009

Windy Sunday.

i was in the bathroom earlier and it was raining quite a bit outside. heard the winds howling for once and it felt great. i've never actually heard the winds blowing that hard in the Big City before so it was a first.

the rain was pitter-pattering outside and even when i had the water-heater on full-blast, it was still cold. but i liked it like that. i've always loved that combination of the cold and the warmth that surround me at the same time. just like the way the air-conditioning was at full blast last night but i was snuggled under the warmth of the covers.

it made me feel extra nostalgic.

and it made me miss home.


it's another calm day as usual. went grocery shopping at carrefour for our dinner tonight (details further down the post). got back around noon, just in time to marinate the chicken wings. had nothing to do after that so i went surfing online and found some interesting websites.

the cutest blog site ever imo. : )

found out about this comic blog when i was cashing out my first cheque from nuffnang (YES ALTHEA I'VE CAN CASH IT OUT NOW! =] ).

miao's the featured nuffnang blogger for april. his blogging style is through comic strips and i totally fell in love with it after reading the first few entries because it was very VERY funny. simple, yet funny. : )

ex-nuffnang employee: pinky.

yeah i know right, why am i so indulged in reading a blog written by a girl who's just like any other average blogger out there?

well first and foremost, she's a former employee to Nuffnang (and i'm personally intrigued by people who works -or in this case, worked- for Nuffnang). and her blog posts are short, simple and sweet; just the way i like it. : )

the pilotress, as found from miss michy's site.

i've always seen The Pilotress on miss michy's site but i've never been tempted to click on the link - until today.

i found out that her blog posts are kind of interesting. i wish she didn't have to be so anonymous on her blog but that's her own privacy to keep so i won't say much. what i find interesting about her blog is that it's very nice to read. just like pinky's, her blog posts are short and simple, but with hilariously witty bits thrown into them.

: )

found out about this site when i was catching up on SuetLi's blog posts. apparently, around 150 artistes in malaysia came together to produce this piece of work.

nicely done, and i'm impressed. : )

i support malaysian music. all the way; through and through. *determined face

free download

free download

was YouTube-ing again (yes i know i need a life) and i happened to click my way through and got to Girl's Generation. i remembered lynette, kim and kurt being all high for this 9-girl-group ensemble so i decided to give the music videos a go.

my current favourite has to be their first single: Into The New World - Beginning. this song isn't as "pop"py as the rest of the songs and it's less... "girly".


and OMG i am so in love with Tiffany from Girl's Generation! she just screams CUTE through and through in the music video.

i want her hair. want want wants. *cries


okay bimbotic moment ending. : )

during dinner:

this is what long beans will look like if half frozen.

and we had lala prepare her specialty for tonight: COLA CHICKEN.

voila. : )

i know most malaysians, if not all, wouldn't know what cola chicken is. and to answer your questions:

(1) no, it does not taste like actual cola,

(2) no, it does not taste sweet and

(3) yes, it is 100% edible and yummy to your tummy.

it's called Cola Chicken only because we used Cola to cook the sauce. it tastes absolutely divine and i'd recommend it to anyone, really. : )

okay post ending.

it's a sunday.

which means tomorrow's a monday.

classes are tomorrow, people.


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