18 April 2009

What days can bring you.

it's only been two days and so many things have happened. my cup of strength has been filled to the brim with fatigue and i don't even know where to start.

April 17, 2009

went over to bekah's for the BBQ party that was planned for the class.

althea and syaz, trying to cook.

happy syaza showing the chopped garlic done by our chef-that-should've-been: althea! : )

amber, trying to mix the spaghetti around...

... but we all know that she's just fooling around. XP

our two main chefs for the day.

and their spaghetti "tomatolio" turned out pretty good. : P

berrr, running away from the wok because she's still traumatized by an incident that she went through that involved hot oil and her face. O_O

the cheeky one.

us, setting up the BBQ pit.
l-r: althea, syaza and moi.

and eventually our BBQ setup led to jump shots. : )

this is currently my favourite (and my desktop wallpaper. hehehe)

the amber jump.

the syaza jump.

the althea jump.

and the *very lame* michellious jump.

i seriously SUCK at jumping. : P

as it started getting darker, people started streaming in. the latter that came included omer sheena evonne wei wen jun-elle philip jer renn and zanardy. : )

sheena and amber. : )

l-r: omer, evonne, sheena, amber and althea.

and then... SIMITHA CAME!!!

amber and althea got super high like ultra-mega fans and they ran outside to greet her. syaza tagged along too. : ))))

her loyal fans. XD

meeting our chairperson in her car. : D

and she has one of the most awesome-st sound systems EVA.

the arrival of The Sim.
p/s ooooooh syaz! 8D hahaha.

after the party i had to leave with amber althea syaz and simitha because amber had to go home soon.

but before that i only have to say that we crashed crashed CRASHED. i had the bestest fun. never thought crashing was that awesome! : D

had a sleepover at amber's because we had the mass colympics to go to the next day.

and guess who decided to camwhore with my huge-ass camera while i was in the shower? LoL.

had one of the greatest pillow talk with amber before heading to bed. just the music, pillows, crackers, marshmallows and the conversations. it was one of those nights. i missed those moments. : )

April 18 2009

woken up first by amber's phone alarm at 6.30am. left it to snooze. then the radio alarm rang. turned it off. then amber's phone alarm rang again. snoozed it. then some bastard's car alarm went off after that. haha amber said it was a 'sign'. XD

amber's mum dropped us off at the TGIF @ subang parade around 7.15am to hitch a ride with rebekah to bukit jalil for the Mass Colympics.

caryn following from behind. LoL can anyone spot what meen's doing? XD

upon arriving at bukit jalil. : )

jasmeen, paying utmost attention to caryn and rebekah and amber's discussion.

i didn't take much pictures at all because i couldn't bring my heavy camera around during the matches so i left it in the car. i missed some chances to take some awesome pictures.

paintball was FUN. : ) although we lost in the second round, i loved the experience. and i am still a lousy shooter. that's all i can say. call me up for a friendly match, i wouldn't mind - but don't ever invite me for a SERIOUS game of paintball. you'll be risking your team's points. haha.

met allan wu from the amazing race asia. : ) amber was swooning over him like mad. so was althea. i just think his man-boobies were a lil too big for me. XD but overall he was rather good looking in person. looks a bit older compared to his appearances on TV but what the heck, the guys got muscles of 16546216584201584 body-builders.

got him to sign my mass colympics t-shirt. ^_^

got off around 1pm-ish and a bunch of us headed down to Asia Cafe for lunch.

caryn doesn't like it when i take pictures during her serious talks. hehe.


even though i had a lot of fun with everyone, i must say that it's been one of the most overwhelming experiences for me. by hanging around more with my coursemates, a lot of things cleared up for myself and the others.

i'm sitting here at my desk right now, still trying to get over the overwhelming things that have happened in the past two days. i'm looking at the annual calendar that i have on my table.

April 18

Teach me, Father, to value each day,
to live, to love, to laugh, to play.


quite frankly, it's pretty true. and that's pretty much what i'm feeling at the moment. i still need time to think myself through because it's a pretty big part of my life that i'm disclosing, but everyday it becomes harder for me to hide it.

i was really afraid, but somehow my friends made it better.

thanks, to the ones who've been there for me. it's a pretty big deal, and i appreciate how you guys have treated me so far.

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