08 April 2009


i'm pretty glad that i passed my BM for my SPM and is pretty happy that i don't have to take the subject anymore in college...

... but somehow having another day of boredom isn't what i'm so keen on having. XO

woke up today with nothing to do. i tried to go online but my bloody connection wasn't able to be connected. i practically looked like =_= when it kept staying that way even after i restarted my PC for the 25619674516813246516547 time.


walked to college to use the connection there. zin came over a while later with her friends. helped them with some assignment printing. hung out with zin and her friends kate, catherine and lee seng while i waited for rebekah to pick me up and go to The Pyramid.

bekah arrived soon after and we went off to get her salary from the place she worked at. the boss lady wasn't around so we went off for lunch first. decided to try out Italiannies since they had this lunch promotion going on. called up omer too and he joined us soon after. : )

the bread that they serve before meals: bread with herbs and olive oil and balsam vinegar.

rebekah and mushroom soup.

my awesome minestrone soup! love love. : )

bekah's angel hair spaghetti. 8 | hmm. not exactly the best imho.

my plate of penne. not bad lah, but still lower than average. 8 |

finished lunch and walked around the pyramid and talked. finally got myself the shirt that i've been wanting to get for the longest of time from MNG. finally got it @ RM25. whee. : )

went off at arond 3.30pm to mamak at SS15 with bekah's Shoulder Guy CM, her high school friend reuben and indo friend bob kennedy.

omer and me.

got home around 5pm after that....

... only to be dragged to college again by puteri jakarta to pay her school fees.

capeeee bangetttttt~

*that's indonesian for veryyyy tireddddd~ hehe.

am pretty depressed over the couple of days because i had a couple of things on my mind that i couldn't seem to deal with properly. i'm trying really hard to cope but things are just too much to bear.

second semester is definitely not what i've expected it to be, but i'll try to cope as much as i can. not that i'll excel as i hope i would anymore, but at least i'll learn a thing or two.


it's 12am now and i just got back home. shaun decided to ask me and zin out for a drink earlier around 9pm. had fun talking until 12am...

... and i can't remember having so much fun with the dude since i last saw him in 2004.

: )

missed you shaun. ^_^

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TSim said...

I actually go to Italianniesjust for their free flow of bread.
Its like just too good for your taste buds to forget!