30 April 2009

Tired out.

i wish i had the energy to type out my feelings like a normal blogger should.

but i guess i'm just too tired.

little things are getting to me now. they sink their tiny little teeth into my head and it hurts.

the little problems. ones that i don't really need to bother but still do anyway.

i wish i can get away. just drive away from everything and sit at a secret hiding place where people can't find me and vice versa.

but i can't do that. so i'm stuck with this pressure banging itself in my head.

i was having such a hard time today, trying to figure things out and trying to make sense of the things that have happened. i reached a fleeting moment where i cried in the shower but i stopped myself soon after from pushing myself too hard.

it's... insane.

i'll just chuck these nonsense to the back of my head for now. dinner comes first.

... instant noodles. oh, joy.

(thanks my little monkey and my miracle, for being here for me. thanks girl. i really appreciate you. *hugs* get your butt back here in malaysia so i can speak to you properly. : } )

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