14 April 2009

Still weary.

am apologizing for the last emo post. didn't mean to. was too tired. : O

but i'm pretty serious about the going-hiatus part. michellious is currently digging her face into her notebook, jotting down everything available to aid my crazy media history assignment that's due next week. O_O

rebekah's party's on friday. althea and i (and a few others who are willing to tag along) will be dropping by at carrefour to get the ingredients for the night's BBQ. i personally can't wait for it. : )

the day after the party would be the Mass Colympics. apparently people can't stop talking about how Allan Wu's gonna be there. amber can't wait to lay her hands on that hunk. XD

i'm just psyched that i get to try paint-ball for the first time.

am brainwashing myself of the fact that i will get bruises after the game. (>_<)

just found out that my grizzy bear has been in touch with my tiffo...


i want. T_____________________T

why is the malaysian post being so unfair to me. WHY. _headdesk_

on a random notion, i am a very lousy deputy.

okay let's leave it at that.

will be gone for the time being folks. will update when i have the time! : )

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Sean Wong said...

Just here to drop a comment.. hehe.. Yes.. I do have a blog.. =P