09 April 2009

So many feelings, so short a time.

we've only been done with the first week of our semester, and there's already been so many things that happened in the course of those seven short days.

and all the feelings that i am experiencing has stripped me of any logical thinking;

i don't even know where to start.

my second semester isn't what i thought it turned out to be. first semester seemed like a toddler's game as compared to what we are having now. all this talk about studying newspapers and politics is driving me up the wall.

for media history, we have to find out the latest on the politics in the country, i.e. the election of our new prime minister.

for english for college studies 2, we have a major project that we had to do. like the seniors before us, we are required to handle a huge assignment that involves hosting an event in school for all the college students around campus.

and michellious has been elected as Deputy Chairperson.


as much as i am honoured that my coursemates look up to me enough to give me the role, they have no idea how much i doubt myself and ability right now.

as for introduction to mass comm classes, ms. thaera gave us an assignment that we could probably choke on for the next few weeks.

Assignment requirements:

1. Typed double-spaced, Times New Roman size 12 font, 1 inch margin around.

2. Include a reference page (alphabetical order).

3. Plagiarism is a serious offence and plagiarized work will result in an F grade for the assignment. You must double check to see that any information, sentence, paragraph that is not your own MUST be cited in the essay AND also referenced on the last page.

4. Late submission will result in a 50% deduction of marks for the assignment.

ASSIGNMENT ONE: Essay (individual)

Length: 850-1000 words (15%)

Due Date: Monday 18th May

Submission: Hard copy to the lecturer

This is an individual assignment.

Trace and compare the media coverage of an issue in a newspaper and online portal (e.g The Star and Malaysiakini) over a period of two weeks. :

1. What is the issue about?
2. How do you classify the news story? (hard news, soft news, etc)
3. Based on news values, why do you think this article was reported?
4. In what respects is the news coverage different?
5. How frequently does the article appear? Compare between the two.
6. Which section of the newspaper/online portal does the article appear?
7. What were the similarities and differences between the two reports? Note the wordings, phrases, pictures, space, etc and suggest reasons where possible.

You should consult and cite at least four sources in your essay – e.g., textbooks, reputable websites. Avoid using unreliable websites such as Wikipedia.

The articles should be printed and attached in the Appendix section.

an impossible feat for us first years. lovely.

the prospectus for U of Leicester's arrived. i'm holding the brochure in my hands and i'm thinking if i should really shift.

it's only been less than a week, and one of my favourite coursemates neeshan the air-stewardess has already left us for the moment. and we also came to know that our lovable anna's leaving us too next year to pursue her degree in english at UTAR.

: (

i really hate thinking about them leaving, but who's the one with a university prospectus in her hands?

big news broke out in school today.

i'm not going to say much, but i'm feeling very uneasy because it happened to one of our coursemates.

i feel for you dude. we all do. : (

i unintentionally thought to myself in class that she's such a two-faced person.


so much of believing in her in the first place. : (

i'm crushing on too many people. it's GOT to stop. O_O

bekah's thinking about throwing a party at her place a day before the mass colympics so it's easier for us to all go together the next day.


om nom nom nom NOM!

am going to have my first paint-ball match next week during the mass colympics. am teamed with simitha, althea, bekah and mark.

as afraid as i am, i'm actually looking forward to the thing. 8 )

omg althea loiiiii. i can't wait for you to get herrrrrre! *GLOMPS*

been doing my accounts for the week. even when i try cutting down on expenses (i'm getting so rusty at pool i don't think i could even go near a pool table anymore!), my average expenses a day could shoot up to RM35! dammit. : (


as a side note,

katers17 did a new update!

lol i LOVE the ending. XD

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tiff pan said...

i feel for you.: | it's the beginning of your semester while it's the end for mine. currently trying to finish up two term papers and will proceed to studying for finals. i have an a capella gig tonight: ) looking forward to it.

i know what you mean by crushing on too many people.for me, it's two and it's already freaking me out because this has never happened to me before. in general, having feelings for people scares me because i never had it work both ways...and now that there's a chance that it is, i really don't know what to do about it.

try to concentrate on the task at hand. best of luck with everything and i hope manage your time efficiently!