26 April 2009

A rather interesting day.

had one of those interesting days of my life today.

originally wanted to go out with a friend at 11am but ended up going out at 1pm instead. long story, and i don't really want to talk about how it went down. all that can be disclosed was that we hung out and talked until my Angsty Squirrel whisked me away.

i was brought to a secret hiding place where i took the time to rest my head for a while. ordered hazelnut hot chocolate and a sugar donut. it was heaven.

both of us sat quietly in our little seats as the airconditioning cooled us down. it started to rain slightly soon after but we were content in our little spots beside the window. we talked about random things and laughed about the crazy ones.

it felt good for once - the rain, music, the muffled talking and us.

you are awesome toamy. : )

the angsty squirrel dropped me off at the pyramid after our rendezvous because i had to meet up with a crazy italian family friend whom i have not seen ever since i was 13.

bonjourno emilio. : )

this is not what it looks like sim. alcohol just can't resist me. :P

i have not seen uncle emilio for the longest of time. he existed in my life ever since i was 1, but moved back to melbourne with his whole family a few years after that.

he came to visit us once in 2003 but just for a couple of days. and i haven't seen him after he left - up till now, that is.

despite his age, he literally grabbed me full-force by the waist and gave me a big tight hug while he showered me with kisses on my cheeks. i cannot tell you how much i missed that. : ) everyone else at the main-entrance was staring but i didn't care. i actually find it quite hilarious. :P

and i enjoyed it while it lasted. hahaha. XP

he brought me out for a carlsberg (because i needed it hehehe. :P). we had a long heated discussion about alcohol and religion and friends and family and life. i really miss catching up with the old man, especially since i haven't seen him for quite some time. talking to him made me realised how much i miss the mazzocato family.

i know this is highly doubtful, but just in case ya'll are reading this: HELLO FRANCA NICOLE AND STEVEN! :D

emilio kept going on about how i've turned into a "woman". it was literally hilarious to hear him talk about me like i've transformed from some kind of a little caterpillar that i've always been from his memories into a butterfly.

i am still flattered. :P

he never fails to make a girl smile with his wittiness.

his charm has always been like wine - it ferments and becomes better in quality as time passes by. : )

with the long-lost mr. potato. : )

currently sitting in front of my screen trying to go over the things that i have to finish. apparently i am still overwhelmed with the things that i have to deal by the end of the week. the assignments are annoying. : ( i am just really burned out from everything at the mo.

p/s anyone up for a visit to the birdpark on friday?

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TSim said...

Alcohol can't resist you?!!
Spoken like a true alcoholic....
Tsk tsk..