21 April 2009

Of drinks and laughter.

we stepped into the dimly lit room; the atmosphere illuminated with only a few wall lamps and the scent of slight smoke from cigarettes and the taste of alcohol hung in the air which filled our lungs as we inhaled.

hoegaarden came first, followed by the snake bite. it felt nice for a while, but i started to feel the alcohol kick in soon after. the heat radiated from my chest to my neck, and it filled my face. i could feel the pressure against my chest as my breathing became faster.

yet somehow, i didn't care. i just wanted to let it overwhelm me more than my feelings already have. i never knew that alcohol could have such a strong hold over me; i let it take charge of everything. fatigue has worn me out too much for me to care anymore for the past few days, so i let my emotions spill.

and it felt absolutely liberating.

we talked, laughed, played random games and hung around. it only took a few hours, but it felt like we've been sitting there for the longest of time.

a couple of drinks, friends and the random things we say.

nothing beats a good afternoon out at the bar. : )

thanks you guys, for the fun.


more at finnegan's soon? ; )

1 spilled milk:

TSim said...

Despite feeling like a bad influence,
sure.. no problem..