04 April 2009

Issues Issues Issues. Ugh.

it's a saturday - which means there are still 2 days to go until school reopens.

nothing interesting ever comes up when you're stuck at home with nothing to do. i'm starting to feel that my blog is lacking interesting things to write about...

... and i'm losing readers.

READERS are the very FUEL of my blog; the very REASON why i'm still blogging and the sole reason why this blog is still up and running!

gah. O_O


so currently i have this "money-issue" at the mo.

i dug up the expences book i kept during the second month that i've been here. tried to summarize it all and still trying to figure out how to cut down the expences and try to save up.

but i usually just spend most of my $ on groceries and transport (damn you taxi fare to sunway), how am i suppose to cut down on expences?

okay maybe and occasional shopping for clothes and a pool game would add-up to the expences but i would sometimes call my mum up when i want to buy something and i SWEAR i haven't been pooling no more.

gargh. : (

cutting down on expences really means i can't buy no nothing except food (food as in groceries for weekly cooking).

but if you go out, you're BOUND to use some money!!


am thinking about working part time, but i don't want to have to juggle around my school work and outside work. it's too much. : ( and working is scary. VERY scary.

... well, to me lah.

althea might be moving in soon. am personally excited...

...but there's just a part of me that's still torn apart; a part of me knowing that somehow i've yet to do my part.

and also, the part of me that's standing on the fine line between moving and not moving.

there are so many reasons for me to go, and so many reasons for me to stay.

how do people expect me to make a decision without hurting the other party?



people ask too much from me. sometimes they don't have do, but when they do i end up being the one torn in the middle and both parties would hate me.


you were right deaney, i am The Hanged Man.

been spending time watching Katers17 again.

"wanna make out?"


her videos never get old. : )

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