03 April 2009


woke up at about 7.30am and couldn't fall back to sleep after that.

didn't know that our landlord changed our internet line until i called him up this morning.

found out that one of my housemates Vonny is back from thailand. i missed you von.

roommate and friend have gone to take money from the ATM machine. was originally planning to go but had no one to ask before. and ironically both of them planned to go but i didn't know. was still in PJs when she told me so i said nothing and sat my lazy flat butt on my chair.

will take money at the pyramid later then i suppose. : \

[ i guess people were right. but why do i still keep doing it? idk. ]

mei and vonny are still asleep.

(someone just woke up).

but i'm still alone in this room.

how quaint.

sometimes i just don't know which way is up and which way is down anymore.

too tired and too bored to speak.

i wish my college classes would start now so that i have work to do and won't need to think about the little things that ruin relationships.

oddly, unlike the rest of the world, i prefer to have a packed college schedule. paying more than 5K per semester (3 months max) and only having 3 days of class with only 2 hours per subject is an absolute and total piece of crap.

am staring at the souvenirs that vonny got from thailand for me and roommate.

a gold elephant and a silver one.

very 'thai'.

is it okay if i said that i suddenly had a change of mind towards my life at the moment? or does that automatically put me in the position of who i am upset with right now?

ugh. what am i even SAYING.



i'm tired. overly tired. physically and mentally. having this internal conflict with myself have always been an endless war for me, and i'm tired of it.

i wish i didn't care like how they can.

: (

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