28 April 2009

Happy Birthday Zin. : )

had a long day today. but it was fun nonetheless because we decided to throw Zin a surprise bday party. : )

i was appointed to distract Zin in her room while the rest of the gang get ready to surprise her. i had to lie through my teeth to get everything done properly. guess i put on a pretty good act since Zin didn't expect anything at all. :P

my years in the drama team paid off it seems. : )

brought Zin to my room and the rest gave her a huge surprise. : ) it was really unexpected and she had a smile from ear to ear after that.

surprise: SUCCESS. : )

katherine and lala bear, lighting up the candles. : )

blowing out her 19 candles.

cutting the cake. lee seng's just happy because now he can have CAKE. haha.

the tiramisu cake from the bunch. : )

the happy birthday girl.

we ordered pizza and had a few drinks around. it was supposedly a very content and laid-back party...

... until it got NASTY because kate decided to cream people with cake. : P

kate, caught with her dark side. she DOES look a bit freaky here. :P sorry kate. th camera tends to catch the real side of people.

katherine got creamed too. :P

but then the predator became the prey...

... and she got creamed. :P

the cake war. :P

needless to say i got creamed in the process. : P hehehe.

getting ready for a group photo.

... still not done after 15 minutes.

happy happy squee! : ) the group that came today.

when the rest left, we retired back to our room to proceed with the present opening ceremony!! : )

surprised with the present.

we did a double layer of wrapping, just to annoy the crap out of Zin. hehehe.

helping her to tackle the impossible. : )

first wrapping down! one more to go. : )

"what the eff is this?!?!"

"SURPRISE!!!!!!" : )

zin and a novel from her favourite author. : )

happy birthday buddy. hope you love what we all put up for you. : ) we love you long time! ^^


chinatown tomorrow with housemates and session with a friend after that.

busy busy day tomorrow.

currently having this video on replay. it's beautiful. and if you don't think so... well then you don't appreciate beauty. *sticks tongue out*

5 spilled milk:

CharT said...

Daym I want two things from that vid:

1. Grand Piano - like... WTF!!!!! I'M SO ENVIOUS I WANNA TOUCH IT FEEL IT SMELL IT STROKE IT.... (i sound perverted now)

2. His piano skillzzz are 1337~! Siiigh I'm losing my touch... if I had any in the first place.

Griselda said...

How i wish i could be there as well~ damn it I'm missing you guys like crazy !!

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