02 April 2009


i think most of my coursemates and i would be equally upset about the fact that our classes for the day has been cancelled.




i am annoyed beyond speech really. : (

was rung up by sheena this morning asking where our first class was. supposedly we had no classes in the morning today but asked sheen to check out the class instead.

headed to school around 9.30am with althea for breakfast. walked around supposedly doing nothing...

...until that DREADED phone call came in.

"hey. classes are cancelled today."


ugh. i was really upset at the time of the "grand announcement". but then i had althea with me so it was pretty hard to blow my head off in public.

sigh. what to do?

i wish my college wasn't so incompetent. : (

just finished helping Mei with her cooking. went outside to hang out for a while, only to be tempted to scream and chase the birds i saw outside my apartment (which i eventually did at some point). came back upstairs and did some research on roborovskis as it is shella and my evil plot to have one. >= ) ngehehehe.

guess i'm gonna have to waste my time today again. more book-reading, facebooking, chores to do, and plotting our beautiful *yet evil* plan to sneak in a new little friend into our apartment.



as a side note:

i is a kiut boi.

say hello to lannie's new companion!

we love him to bits. : )

7 spilled milk:

CharT said...

... don't love him more than Herm-Butch...

tiff pan said...

haha i can't believe you're complaining about having an extra day to do whatever you please. i'm currently in the midst of stewarding so many committments i'm so glad God is guiding me through the whole week or i would have been burnt out a long time ago. i wear my "Jesus Christ" freshman class t-shirt (it's "JC" in the superman sign format) to sleep because it reminds me that i'm not going through life alone.: )

Michellious said...

CharT - lol it's hard my love. Kiddy/Kimochi (yeah he's got two names coz shella's friend lannie, the actual owner of hamster, calls it Kiddy whereas this other friend of hers named Sean called it Kimochi) is really too cute to resist. when you hold your finger out to it, it actually put its paw on your finger. like, how smart can a hamster get?

LoL if only Herm-Butch would learn something like that rather than climb cages. XP

Tiff - haha well we waiting a long time for classes to reopen and when it originally should have started this week, it got cancelled. so that's why i was upset. hehe.

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