10 April 2009

Fridays are free too.

friday's the other day of the week where i don't have classes.

lala bear had to attend a workshop in college (painting like kindergarten kids eh, shella? XD) today. i thought i'd be locked in the apartment again with nobody to talk to like an orphaned puppy in the dumpster. but luckily for me, zin invited me to tag along with her to Klang to visit Kate while they hunt around for stationeries for their design classes.

: )

woke up at 8am today to get ready for the journey down to klang. took the ktm with zin at around 9-ish. reached klang at about 10am.

first time in klang. : )

kate came a while later to pick us up and we went for a spin before we headed down for brunch.

went to visit the sultan but apparently he wasn't awake yet. heehee.

in kate's car.

i was only introduced to kate a couple of days ago, but she's really friendly and is really nice to talk to. : )

visited the places around town and then we went off for brunch.

and what's better to have than klang's famous bak kut teh? : DDDD

[strictly non-halal, fyi]

pu er tea. : )

our hostess for the day. ^_^

klang bak kut teh!! om nom nom nom NOM. : D

this ensemble alone is enough to resurrect my soul from hunger.

it is absolutely, positively SCRUMPTIOUS!! : D

we went around after brunch. was brought to this shop that sold huge ass pearl milk tea.

chocolate ice milk tea is AWESOME. : D


am currently in the room waiting for zin and kate to finish their work and to come over afterwards. : )

as a side note -


allan wu's gonna be there. : )

LIVESTRONG wristband.

i know i know. i should've gotten the yellow one. but hey, i love green more. : )

talking with deanie.

LoL sometimes he makes me laugh in the silliest of ways. : D

dude get your butt back in malaysia! XD

fridayssssss are rather boring if i didn't have other people to hang around with. 8 O