20 April 2009

A different kind of monday.

woke up in the middle of the night, craving for food.

the second i woke up i thought:

"i need a carl's jr. burger dammit."

i texted a friend about it as soon as the thought hit my mind. bugged her while she was sleeping i think. LoL.

to make a statement, i ended up wearing this shirt today:

it took me a while to get what the shirt meant.

ironically, evonne understood in an instant. XD

went to college for classes. was quite anxious about the presentation that we had to present by today...

... but turned out that miss natasha didn't turn up for classes today.

instead, the Queen T came in to inform us about it. everyone was super happy to see her. no surprises there. : P

was supposed to have lunch with sim after classes but i had to stay back to finish up the presentation for tomorrow's classes. *pout* ran to hand Queen T something and chatted for a while.

i was kindda upset after that. had something hanging in my mind that i couldn't shake off. so a friend tried to cheer me up after that, and we headed down to carl's jr. to have a chomp.

and i can DEFINITELY say that it made my day. : P

the western bacon. *om nom nom nom NOM*

oooh padma lakshmi your burger is AWESOME.

(pun intended)

hahahahaha. : P

is exhausted. worn out. too many things going around in my brain. i reached the apartment later than i expected. i walked along the corridor and at one point i wanted things to just stop there for a moment, to just let them hang there. there are assignments to finish and i really don't want to think about them; and there are also tasks that i have to do by the end of the month. so many things, so little time. i just want to sit here and do nothing. absolutely NOTHING.

but watching ellen degeneres' bathroom concert series is making me feel better. i love ellen. : )

caught this earlier this morning when i checked my mails online:

thank yous. to those who really support me in this. i love you guys beyond words.



i really like hanging out with you.

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