27 April 2009

*city lights.

i wish i could find the words in me to describe tonight.

i've been typing and deleting and typing and deleting and typing and deleting my post again and again. i can't seem to settle on a proper post. whatever i type just seem so far-fetched. so improper.

i'm losing my touch.

well, all i can say is that tonight was something quite inspiring for me. a friend brought me out for dinner and we talked about the little things. it made me wonder back to all those unanswered questions that i have chucked at the back of my head ever since i found out that no one can actually answer them. i'd love to find the answers, but no one seem to have them.

so many things to say, but no one to say them to.

soon, love. soon.

but tonight, i enjoyed it.

it was just us, the music, the drive, the roads, the lights, the laughter and the discussions. when will i ever get moments like these back again? i don't know. but you can bet that i'm going to miss all of it.

as for tonight, i will leave all my thoughts to ponder.

goodnight everyone, and have pleasant dreams.

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