13 April 2009

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chelle, why do you look so upset today?

was it really that obvious? can our feelings really betray us when we don't realise that they decide to shout themselves to the world regardless whether we want to or not?

i dragged myself through the day, drunken with fatigue.

there were too many things on my plate, all at once. i don't think i can handle them even if i tried to believe in myself that i can. the matter of emotions blocking themselves in my brain and my heart is too much to bear.

the feelings, they tug at my heart. painful as it is.

i really wished i didn't have to deal with any of these complications. the relationship between people i care about, the person i love, situations that require me to step out from my shell...

too much.

too, too much.


michellious might go on hiatus for the next fews days. i need time alone for a while.

bear with me, my dear readers.

and forgive me.

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