06 April 2009

1st day of 2nd sem.

originally typed this out last night and just as i was about to post it up on my blog,



urgh. mei was just as pissed as i am last night about it. sigh.


today was FINALLY my first day of classes for my second semester in foundation in mass communication...

... and all i can say, is that my sixth sense WAS right:

our second semester is a KILLER. O_O

when althea and i reached campus today, it was like mad. everyone met up with everybody else and it was like a massive party all over again. i couldn't resist getting my butt off the chair and just standing and looking at my coursemates chatting up a storm like we've not seen each other for decades.

at some point i couldn't stop smiling, because i knew deep down inside i loved this feeling; this warmth that was unexplainable in every way and yet it's overwhelming and it fills me with joy. : )))

had my first MISS NATASHA experience today,

and WOW was it an experience beyond compare.

miss natasha wasn't entirely what i expected, but she blew me away. definitely the MTV-style that Queen T talked about, and she's downright funny. : ))) her witty comments and her uptown-girl-trendy-chic style has got me pinned right on the spot like BAMMMM!

left me floating with no mercy, she has. *dramatic sigh

but one thing's for sure: her classes aren't the easiest thing you'd get out from the course.

because from today onwards, i'd have to read EVERY SINGLE newspaper that's sold within the nation AND google for news online to compare and pick out all their differences in terms of presenting information and communicating with the mass audiences.

8 O

*that's a baffled face btw.

now that's a new one for me.

went to B3-7 today again. had loads of fun hanging out with my coursemates and laughing about random and silly things [ omer: HOLD MY STICK. ] and playing pool. people present: sheena omer evonne zanardy faye joey althea rebekah juann.

caught zin at the area too. got introduced to her friends kat and katherine. ^_^

love love love. : D

second class was Introduction to Mass Communication. discussed about lecturer with a certain someone-someone. had an impression that she was strict down to the core and is not one to play around with. her name was Yusoeff so before stepping into classes after pool, i immediately *and unintentionally* stereotyped had an inkling that she was some 40-year-old, mama-pants type of ageing lecturer who would gimme a good nagging if i ever dared cross any lines with her....

.... only to find a confident, determined, well-groomed, pretty and surprisingly young lecturer sitting at the front desk the second i walked into the classroom.

miss thaera was NOTHING like who i expected her to be. tall, lean, and standing at 6 feet 2 (yes i have this amazing way of guessing people's heights even when i'm a midget), this ex PR-practitioner from an international head office just gives off the aura that she has the ability to crush any man that treads in her path without consent.

poised with an air of greatness, miss thaera is definitely someone i don't want to mess with - but there's just something about her that draws me to her. i can't put my finger on what it is, but it's definitely a strong feeling i'm getting from her. and she's DEFINITELY sassy, i'll give you that.

so far my lecturers are more than whom i thought they'd be. somehow it scares me *and intrigues me* to think about the other lecturers whom i have yet to meet. O_O

puteri jakarta came back today. : ) am happy that she's around because now that everyone's back, it feels more like our Unit 17-17. : )

had fun making up silly things with mei and tasha earlier.

ended up making up crazy nicknames for ourselves (the ladies at Unit 17-17):

michellious a.k.a anak kucing.

shella a.k.a anak cicak!

natasha a.k.a anak piglet.

meilisa a.k.a anak hippo!

vonny a.k.a anak doraemon.


audrey a.k.a anak tikus!!

LoL yes i know, i don't act my age. XD

am going for the easter service at City Everest church with mei's coursemate tiffany this sunday.

my first service ever.

i wonder how it'd be like?

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