14 March 2009

Random touches of home.

finally got my internet connection back.

am feeling better.

being in miri makes me feel as if time really slowed down - and i love it. most of my friends are overseas anyway, so all i do most of the time is hang around town and indulge in the little things that never cease to make me feel content.

behind the wheels again.

i love the feeling of my grasp tight upon the steering wheel. i miss driving so much. at first i was worried i can't handle a stick-shift anymore, but i'm still good at it.


"one of us gets to drive, and one of us gets to think." - jimmy eat world.

wish you were here tiff. i miss those days when we drove around in my car with the CD player crooning the tunes we love. i miss those times that we stayed up talking about almost everything and anything in the world.

the pink hippo!

i super love this hippo. it was sis's valentine's gift from her dude. when i get bored at home i talk to it. XP

somehow, i think i'm getting attached to this cutie. : D

going through the old letters.

i love reading through these. i wish to bring all the letters over to kay-elle to read everyday.

i miss writing.

the happy father.

twas dad's birthday last night. had a short simple birthday but he enjoyed it nonetheless (as you can see). oooh and i found something interesting: ALTHEA'S DADDY HAS THE SAME BIRTHDAY AS MY DAD TOO! : D


happy birthday daddy. : )

daddy says "oi. what're ya'll doing with my cake?? O_O"

convo with the monkey.

and catching up with my dearly beloved monkey is what i love to do best. : ) miss you too sweetheart. wish you were here. *hugs*

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