25 March 2009

Trip to Aquaria, KLCC.

went out for a massive outing yesterday with a bunch of friends and our lecturer The Queen T.

i was actually hoping for everyone to come because a whole class outing seemed like an awesome idea (even though it's the aquarium we went to and mostly kids enjoy it hehehe). wanted to see everyone else in class so badly but unfortunately most of them couldn't make it so it was down to just the 6 of us, namely:


the outing was supposed to start at about 2pm but we arrived early to hang out with althea. : )

michellious and her cheeky face. XP

zin and lala bear, walking around.

us, browsing through the shops doing some window-shopping.

went past the fountain place on our way to Aquaria on the other side.

althea, telling zin and lala something very interesting... thus lala's very interested expression. haha! XD

the bunch that came that day. : )

the queen t arrived soon after so off we went to visit the fishies! : D

fascinated by the fishes at the entrance.

the queen t and althea, touching the sharks. their skin feels like sandpaper.

lala and zin's turn to touch the sharks.

althea, attempting the starfishes.

lala and zin, fascinated by the starfish. : )

ooooh PIRHANNA! : D *chomp chomp chomp.

althea: "Hello handsome!" hahaha.

the kiut little tree frog! : D i want one. : )

crabbie crabbie hermit. : )

i know just about a whole apartment of girls who will scream and die if the geckos we have at home look THIS big. XD

shella would have a hard time convincing them not to kill it. hehehe.

scorpion king. : )

my favourite - the tarantula! ^_^

yes call me weird. but i've always had a fetish with spiders. : )

the most poisonous frog in the world.

big fat bullfrog! lol miss t was telling me who it looked like but stopped halfway because althea appeared. hahaha!

the frog that looked like a leaf (sorry lah i didn't bother to look at the actual name.)


big tank with big fishies in them! : )

the turtle that i managed to play with and touch...

... only to be told off by the people there that i am not allowed to do so. XD

big big sharks with big big teeth!

l-r: althea, me, queen t!

slap this stingray at my face and i wouldn't be able to breathe. this dude's almost as big as I am!!

we found nemo. : )

finished our little tour after that. went on to the towers for a little chomping time because queen t and joshua got hungry.

outside toilet also want to take picture meh. =_=

making our way towards KLCC towers for chomps.

sometimes i don't know how she can camwhore with one hand using my huge-ass camera. O_O

around 5-ish we walked all the way from KLCC to Sungai Wang to get some cheap gadgets for our phones. then we headed home on the monorail and then proceeded using the KTM.

it was damn tiring but it was fun nonetheless. : )

a tired joshua at the ktm station.

we were actually sitting there on the floor in one corner and this dude was actually SLEEPING. XD

drunken with fatigue.


ooooooooh i want more outings! : ))))