20 March 2009

*sorta kindda* my last day in miri.

i'm leaving for the big city tomorrow.

feeling rather... strange.


emotionally unstable.

happy? sad?


not really sure.

: /

dad's not around, and my sisters are out for the day so mum decided to treat me to a little brunch at Zaika's. : )

zaika's this small and funky north-indian cuisine restaurant that was launched in miri last year. funny thing was, i never got to try the food there before i left for kay-elle. reason being my dad prefers other food for dinner and my sisters can't really take indian anyway.

so since the three of them weren't around, my mum (an adventurer for any type of *costly* cuisine as long as my dad's not around to stop her) FINALLY brought me to zaika's. she knows how much i love anything indian so she decided to give me a surprise. : )))

i wuv you mummy. : )

this crispy crepe thingey they serve before your meals arrive.

totally digging the sauce they prepared. awesomeness to the max. : D

the interior.

i never expected zaika to be this petite, but the place was relaxing and comfy nonetheless. i really liked how the smell of spices and the sounds of punjabi music fill you up the moment you step through the front door. the service was rather nice too, imho.

i think the only reason why the place was totally deserted was because of the price. rather costly, i must say.

our drinks.

mum decided to go wild and ordered their mocktails. i had "Angrezi Kiss" (the white one) whereas mum got the "Zaika Sutra" (the red-ish one). my mocktail is basically a blend of lychees with limes and it's a rather nice beverage to have if you don't have a sweet tooth. the hint of lime tones down the sweetness of the lychees, making a perfect combination of the both. the Zaika Sutra's a mixture of Plum and Passionfruit, a rather exotic taste for those who's looking for something different. : )

mocktails are @ 8MYR each.

the food took a rather long time to arrive provided that we were the only customers there, but i can definitely tell you that it's worth the wait. : )

my non-vegetable lunch platter. (standing @ 27.50MYR each)

consisting of:

Mutton Rogan Josh - lamb curry with mustard oil, ginger, fennel and yoghurt.

Murg Tikka Masala - tandoori roasted chicken with a tomato & cardamom flavoured cream sauce.

Dal of The Day - a special blend of lentils slow braised served with freshly ground spices.

Basmati Rice - long grain Indian Rice.

Naan - tandoori bread freshly baked and hot.

for all of the above? one word: AWESOME. : )

the sauces OHHHH THE SAUCESSSS~~~ *slurp slurp droolz*

hehe. : )

stayed home and watched movies on PPStream today too.

"The Memory Keeper's Daughter", adapted from novel by Kim Edwards.

i can't believe my eyes when i caught this on PPStream. it's actually from one of my favourite books. i didn't know that they made it into a MOVIE. O_O

overall it was okay. the story line went away from the original novel (like most novel-adapted movies always does) but it was still tolerable.

"Lara Croft: Tomb Raider", back2back movie marathon.

watched the first and sequel of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. it was such a long time ago since i've watched the sequel. i don't even remember angelina jolie doing a british accent in the movies!!

omg hearing her do an accent makes me want to combust and DIE DIE DIE! *drools. too hawt. must. resist. temptation!!

*spazzes out.

spent the afternoon with deaney and hayley today. it was a rather short hang-out but it was still fun nonetheless. : )

d'oh wish i had more time to talk to hayles. WHY DIDN'T I GO OUT WITH HER EARLIER FWAHHHH!!! *dies.

went to have ABC and headed to her place to see her and deaney predict her future with his miri-reknown skills with tarot decks. = ]

hayles, paying utmost attention to deaney while he explains her cards.


packing up now.

i'm feeling...

... kindda upset. : (((

3 spilled milk:

CharT said...

Eating out around here (if you eat out every day) is almost as damaging to your wallet as going on a shopping spree at Knightsbridge and Oxford Street in London...

for RM 27ish... THAT'S A BARGAIN! O_O

tiff pan said...

dude, besides keeping up with your life, i really don't know why i read your blog because i always start wishing for the food i cannot eat when i look at your delicious pictures of them! i mean it's not even in front of me in reality - it's just a picture but it looks SO GOOD anyway. arghhh.haha all i can say is you are blessed beyond debt (that came out of nowhere.but i'll start coining this phrase) to have access to all this good food. ahhh a month and a half left till NONSTOP FOOD-EATING. hahaha.

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