04 March 2009

Quickie before finals tomorrow.

finally finished my human communications report. i didn't think i could pull it of so fast but i did. now i can get back to my studying.

all of my coursemates are SO stressing and freaking out because of the finals tomorrow. everytime i sign in on my MSN there will always bound to be a "MICHELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" from either one of them. most of them had questions, some of them need comfort and others just need to confirm things.

finals really DO make people stress out like mad. seeing my friends all stressed out and upset actually made me immune to the stresses. O_O but then again i guess it's a good thing. i can't imagine having the whole class being stressed out. miss t would FREAK.

speaking of the Queen T. i was trying to finish my human comm report earlier (which is the assignment she gave, fyi) and i wrote DO NOT DISTURB on my MSN, only to find Miss T nudging me and IM-ing me throughout the day. lol.

i TOTALLY expected THAT from her. XD

wasted time this morning by going through a box of old things that were left under the stairs by previous occupants of my apartment. : P found some really intersting things along the way.

haha and i had quite a good time reading an old diary from one of them too. XP

was thinking of having like a group photo session and mcdonald's outting with coursemates after exams.


... okay i gotta stop crapping now and get back to work. FINALS ARE TOMORROW PEOPLE!! best of luck everyone! : )

see you guys on the battle-field tomorrow!


and just in case you need a little reminder:


9am-11am: Human Communications Paper @ B1-08-04
1pm-3pm: Intro to IT Paper @ A2-10-02


9am-11am: English for College Studies @ B1-08-04

: )

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tiff pan said...

hey hey i hope everything goes well!
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