09 March 2009

Me last day. : )

since it is my last day here in the big city, two of my housemates (namely mei and natasha) and my roomie shella decided to go out for breakfast this morning.

originally said to go for breakfast at 10am, only ending up arriving at the place around 10.50am, near 11am-ish. XD

hahaha yeah we are accustomed to the malaysian time. hehehe.

mei and tasha, browsing through the menu. and that is mei - yawning. XD

and what better way to kill time while waiting for the food to arrive than to CAMWHORE.


mei, michellious, and puteri jakarta tasha.

so who's the peeping tom? : D


michellious being forced to do cute faces. O_O

women and the claw! : )

doing what girls do best: daydreaming. : )

pull the lala bear! : D

whee. : )

shella looking smirky.

lala and mei. i SUPER LOVE this picture. : )

me and my lala bear.

the gurlz, back 2 back.

my puteri loves to act kiut loh. XP haha no lah, totally candid. : )

mei's busy texting while the puteri never cease to wanna take photos. XD

we spent quite an amount of time taking photos of ourselves at the place. i think the girl working there got annoyed at us for some reason. hehehe.

walked to McD's because tasha wanted to take away a burger. was raining so we stayed there till the rain died down instead.

left to right: mei, SHELLA and natasha. hahaha!

wahai kawan kawan! geddit? XD

mei and tasha had their mid-terms to study for so as soon as we got home, they started working on their books. rajin-nye! hehehe.

and out of boredom lala and i decided to do the whole camwhore thing on timer mode again. XP

i think we've spent too much time with our puteri. we can't seem to stop the narcissm. haha!

coolness and weirdness. (lala said i looked like jay chow in here wtf.)

rawr and squee.

grr and argh!

... *cricket sounds*

tired and restless.

: )

( :

then we decided to be formal...



damn i miss this place already even when i'm still here.

wait for me babes!! the 20th is only 10 days away. : )

but till then,

goodbye big city hellooooooo MIRI. : )

[loves home ]

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