11 March 2009


i love the rain, and vice versa. : )

it's been raining ever since i got back home in Miri.

and to tell you the truth i couldn't feel more loved than anything in the world. : )it's only been my second day here and i've already played in the rain twice.

ahhh i miss home. ^_^


hung out with my friends at Halo Cafe on the night that i got back. laughed a lot about random crazy things and predicted our future again. : )

me and deaney weaney.

melia and me. i miss thai moi! : )

michellious and zin zin zin.

gwen and me! this one's for you shella. : )


it felt really great catching up with my old butt-ies once again. although there are still more people that i have yet to catch up with, i'm pretty sure i'll meet them all soon. : )



hung out with dearest deaney again today. i miss having such a long and meaningful conversations with this little one. i miss you loads sweetie. : )

hung out at Desserts!

i miss this place. wahai college friends! this be Desserts by JK Culinary, the little ice-cream parlor situated near my place. a relative of mine (namely Joyce Kho, hence the JK culinary) established this a few years back, and it's quite a tiny hit in Miri. : )

a friend of mine didn't believe that my relative handmade all these ice-creams (yes she did it herself and made up the recipes herself). thea and friends, i will bring ya'll here if you come. ; D hehehe.

me and my ice cream!

vanilla bean and caramel sauce. : D

this was my first time ordering ice-cream with extra caramel sauce. i've never had a sweet tooth, but this one's just too tempting to resist. : )))

i've found a new love babeh! ; D

deaney and his mango in a cup. : )

after lunch and ice-cream we headed down to the beach for some strolling.

deaney driving.

zin, sitting at the back.

picked up amelia our thai moi along the way. : )

on the way to the beach.

it drizzled rather slightly the whole day and sometimes it gets heavier than that, but we went anyways. being in miri, you'd have to hang out at the beach for some relaxing, no? : )

we're here! : D

we spent quite a while chasing after crabs, digging for hermit crabs and "wave-running".

what's wave running, you ask?


deaney's hermit crab.

hanging out at the pondok coz we got tired. XP

i can feel them beneath my feet.


dean and amelia, deciding upon what to scream about.

guess who did the catwalk?

i've always known deaney to catwalk most of the time, but i didn't know that he acutally normally walks like that too... like naturally. O_O

and there's the sand to prove it. heheh.


so far that's how michellious has been spending her days in this little hometown. and i'm finding the lack of rush and the increased relaxation back at home rather soothing. : )

eh kawan kawan,

SPM results are out tomorrow wei. NERVOUS-NYE!

... okay you know what i don't wanna think about it at the moment. =_=

as for now,

i'll be home, catching up with my music and one tree hill. marathon time! : )



this just in!!!


so far yet so close. : )

had a convo with roomie lala bear and housemate mei 5 minutes ago.

: ))))))

*stoopid smile on face

hehehe. ^_^

I MISS EVERYONE IN KAY-ELLE! *hugs. can't wait to be with you guys again~ ^_^

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tarotism said...

Aw..... We gotta have MORE fun!!!

Miss you too Che'lle!!! :)