01 March 2009

Day at the Zoo.

yeah i know.

what're four young adults thinking, planning a trip to the national zoo right?

lol well it was a last minute idea that was churned up by my friends so i tagged along too.

spent the whole day out yesterday. went out about 10am and only came back around 11-ish pm. was as exhausted as HELL. and my sickness has worsened because of it. XO but now i can say that i've actually been to the national zoo when people ask. XP


lala bear, watching the morning cartoons while waiting for tash to get ready and cynthia to arrive.

were supposed to head down to the train station at about 9am but as usual, *people* were late so we only managed to make it to the station at 10am-ish.

i hate crowds. : (

a happy lala, on our way to the zoooo.

us, while waiting for the KTM to arrive.

i was just going to aim at cynthia when puteri jakarta decided to butt into the picture.


i would've been on the kappa's side if my old kappas didn't grow holes in em. XP but i'm pretty glad i got myself a pair of them converse. : )

arriving at the KL Sentral.

cashing out for our expenses.

getting to the zoo's a pretty expensive journey. taking the taxi cost us RM17. T_T my moneeeeeeeeyyyyy.

*caught high school senior may kuan in the KTM with her mum*

arrived in about 15 minutes: HELLO ZOO NEGARAAAAAAAAAA!!! : D

cynthia, shella and tash; pictured here with the long-necks. : )

lala bear's cousin!!! *heheh kidding*

cynthia kept asking me to take pix of the elephant at certain angles. she also kept insisting that the elephant wasn't happy in the zoo (like which living thing likes being caged up??).

lol she obviously loves animals a lot. XD

the crane-like feathered friend that tasha, cyn and lala wanted to take pictures with.

cynthia and lala bear.

puteri jakarta. hehehe. XP


emu emu emu~! : D i wuv emus.

lala bear, talking to the emus.

haha wish my videos were working properly with youtube. took a video of her talking to the emus which was DAYM funny. XD

cynthia and the antelopes!! (or some same species).


shella and i both agreed that it reminds us of Zin because of its emo colour. haha!


after a couple of hours we decided to drop by the restaurants and souvenir shops to rest for a while.


hehehe. XP

had lunch at this fast food place within the zoo premises. i swear, if you see "THE WILD" fast food restaurant, do NOT (and i repeat DO NOT) go in and eat there because... well let's just say it doesn't even deserve to be there. XO

even the iced lemon tea was ROTTEN. rotten DRINKS for god's sake!! O_O

lala and her fish and chips.

cynthia, eating her fish nuggets.

*caught my high school seniors teng lung en, king and vivian sim at the zoo btw*

after the lunch, it was back to more zoo-ing! : )

cynthia's happy because she's found some new friends! XD


i immediately went =DDDDD when i saw this crowd of tourists. the hats they were wearing reminded me of jasmeen and her new-found fedora. XD took a quick shot of this because one of em caught me grinning like an idiot at them. hehe!


decided to catch a movie at pavillion after that.

marley and me made people cry. O_O

had dinner before going home that night.

tash didn't know that the tau foo far was damn big a bowl. got one for cynthia even though she's still trying to finish her big bowl of beef thingey and fried oysters. XD

cynthia, whining about ordering too much.

a satisfied lala (because she didnt have to eat too much).

mints from MNG!

i found it interesting that MANGO @ Pavillion provides them little packets of Smints. stole one and didn't have to heart to eat it because of the label. XP

but i had them anyway because my breath was drying up. O_O

vrooom vrooom!

caught the ferrari exhibition on our way out. it was so kewl to see all them stallions of steel all lined up like that. it was a total ZOMG moment for me. XP

yeah yeah i know why am i so jakun right? well can't blame me for being a small town girl eh?

but i have to admit though, them ferraris looked more like toys. O_O hehehe.

hated the journey in the monorail. too many people. smelly smelly people. : ( after this trip from pavillion i don't think i'll be visiting the place anytime soon, and i don't care how much i fancied the city-part of KL. XP

had too much of the sardined moments on the public transport so we waited for the bus to take us to sunway pyramid where we changed to a taxi back.

too tired to move.


too exhausted to speak. am going to rest again now.

nighters. *shuts down

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CharT said...

LOL I'm going to a zoo too on toosday! Gonna study Grizzy's cousins - the siamang!

Leonardx said...

Y Lala bear still in the KTM train back to home? Suppose to be in the zoo liao ... -.-

dawnn ira said...

mmmmmmmmm..kl pavillion :)