31 March 2009

Boredom Overload.

hello all.

how are you?

hope you are fine and not bored like i am who have been spending the past 4 hours of her morning sitting in front of her laptop doing nothing useful but reading blogs and logging into and out of (and into) Facebook again and again.


i said it.

i admit.


urgh i REALLY should get a life.

i cannot tell you how glad i am that second semester's finally starting tomorrow...

... but is it just me and my insecurity, or does everyone else feel that our second semester has something in store for us too? like what we're facing in our second sem is a lot more different and a hell lots more challenging than our first?; something that's creeping up behind us from the dark corners and it just can't wait to strike and dig its nails into us?


zomg. what am i even SAYING . i think the boredom's really getting to my head. O_O urgh!

*snaps out of craziness.

anyway, i was talking to CharT late last night. we were discussing about our future universities and she's trying to get me to go to UK.

i'm not sure if i can actually continue my studies in the UK since my degree programme's connected with the University of South Australia's bachelor's degree programme, but then again i'm having second thoughts.

currently spending time surfing online for the universities and checking out plausible universities and sending off inquiry emails.

i highly doubt that any other university overseas would gladly welcome me to their alma mater but it doesn't hurt to give it a go eh?

i think the super-extra time that i'm spending here is giving me second thoughts about everything.

and somehow,

it makes me miss home even more. : (

urgh this is SO contradictory. when i'm here, i miss home. and when i'm home, i miss my friends here.




6 spilled milk:

Melia said...

hei,ur class started tml wa.so boredom should disappear soon.keep in toucch sexy

Anonymous said...

anne anne here^^
Dont miss home too much o must be more independant le..jia you and take care ya. i thought u told me that u dont have to take BM if u got C for it but ur schedule appears to have BM in it..BM still okay but Pengajian Am will dirve u crazy..haha..jia you ba..do take care..miss u!!!!! we all miss you!!!^^

CharT said...

The question is... what do you want from yourself!

*wise philosophical nod*

I was reading and thinking heeey when did I talk to Michellious last night? It was in the morning leh...

Then I remembered that I was in another timezone. Oh.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


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