06 March 2009

Big Dinner! Pre and Post Finals Pics.

my internet connection has been really annoying last night so i couldn't get these pictures online in time for yesterday's post. >= ( but thank God that it's working right now.

gotta work these pictures before my connection runs away again!!



lala bear and i went spontaneously hyper the night before so we went and disturbed our housemate Mei at around 1am (yes we were THAT hyper) to ask if she wanted to join us for dinner. and she said YES! : D

so that night we cooked for four: lala, mei, natasha and me. : )

lala, challenging the fish.

this is lala's second time frying ikan selar (her favourite). you should've seen her talking to the fish because when the oil starts popping like mad she goes "BE GOOD FISHY!!!" XD

the food, prepared.

and the food, COOKED! : D

our first dinner together! : D
l-r:mei, lala, natasha.

lala, drinking the remainder of the soup!

audrey came back after that. i spent a good amount of time chewing on a bone and listening to them speak in rapid indonesian. O_O



just finished my finals today. am perfectly happy but i'm really not sure what to do now because i'm so free. hehehe. but i am excited about going back home this coming tuesday!

whoopee. : )))

so i guess here are some of the last pictures of my friends in school before i go off for my first semester break.

juann, hanging around at the MPH with us for this, uh, showcase thingey.

althea reading her notes and michellious *pretending to be* studying her IT book. XD

"Let It Be", says Amber. XP

i want her shirt. and it's only RM9.90!!!! : DDDDD

waiting outside the examination hall. feet feet feet.

foundation of communication students (namely, us) were waiting to enter the examination hall. hahahaha Yosva. XD

three of my babes.
l-r: thea thea thea *HUGS*, rebekah da jie! and amberrrrr. : )

queen julian says "I REFUSE TO HAVE MY PICURE TAKEN!!"
hahaha. that be suemae and the one grinning so KIUT-LY is juann. : )))

it was an intimate moment...




dix looks so happy eh? : )

sheena: imma strong amazon woman!!!
haha and i don't think i need to explain omer's expression. XD

ommy! ^_^

zanardy, our class theorista!

rebekah so kiut lorh! : D

my caryn babe.

kesian caryn babe lah. dr V did a little mix up with her results and she ended up failing her ECS assignments. but no worries love!!! we're 101% sure dr. V made a mistake. : ) *hugs*

oooh and i dug up some old pictures from rebekah and berrrrr's phone camera! managed to smack them into my blog. : )

michellious and her feesh burger. : )

rebekah and thea with us @ McD's.

us buying waffles during 5 minute break in miss T's classes. michellious is seen here as puteri lilin, hiding from the sun. XP

us, on our way to subang for POOOOOOL. : ))))

the gang. : )
up, l-r: suemae, michellious and althea.
down, l-r: rebekah, meen meen, caryn and dixie.
not in picture: amber because she was taking this picture for us. : ) thanks sui ying! : D


i'm amazed at how time passes us by so fast and without warning sometimes. it seems only yesterday that i first arrived to the big city in early january and yet look at me now - i'm on my way home in less than four days. : )

somehow, thinking back on those short 2 months that i've spent here, things really have changed for me; the new experience i've gained, the new things i've seen... and not the forget, the new people i've made friends with.

sometimes it just feels as if we're running out of time. and it makes me wish i that could freeze the moment.


then again,

maybe it's better this way

so people could learn to treasure their memories more. : )

i know i've said that being in foundation of mass communication is a hard for me and that i think i wouldn't cope.

but now,

i wouldn't exchange it for the world.

: )


it's been a great semester. i never would have thought that we could become such a cute and tiny little family (okay maybe not yet but i hope that we soon will be. ^_^) and you guys are such interesting and wonderful people.

can't wait to see you guys in our second semester. ; )

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Anonymous said...

that last pic is reminiscent of the group photo our drama team took in Sri Aman... lol.

Have fun back in Miri. =)