24 March 2009

The apartment, the rain, and me.

it's been two days since i got back. i woke up to the sounds of the raindrops pitter-pattering at my bedroom window. the images of the droplets dancing outside my apartment made me smile. i turned away from the beauty and came back to the darkness of my room, barely lit by the cloudy brightness of the rain. it is dark, but i can still see her figure lying there; her mind still afloat in the safety of her dreams, oblivious to the things around her. i feel what she feels, and i smiled again as if i were with her in her thoughts and her little world.

outside, it is raining. people are walking fast to shelter. cars are stuck in the traffic jam again. i can hear the sirens of the police cars not far away from where i was.

the apartment, the rain, and me.

i'm back. : )


i really should stop watching all those movies;

because i hate getting the false impression

that life could bring me the love that was never there.

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tiff pan said...

day-ang that was beautiful. i'm starting to stutter on purpose when i say exclamatory phrases. trying to make the most of what i have i guess (i tend to stutter when i'm in too much of a hurry to get my thought out in the open). whoa-oa.yeah-ah. hahaha. it's late.i'm trying to get some more work done before i head off to sleep (it's 2 am..and i'm still awake writing this comment). alright i'm glad you're back in KL where you will eventually belong (call home i mean). keep up the good academic work and keep enjoying college!