08 March 2009

The advice that I chuck at the back of my head.

"Stop being so nice to people.

Because in the end,

most of them only think about themselves."

i want to believe you,

so please prove it to me that this isn't true.

4 spilled milk:

Emily said...

i think ur mood same as me right nw...i like tis topic~~

TseYui said...

the operative word being "most of them" .

TseYui said...

cheer up ; )

Ning said...

Some people might be like that, but I know for a fact that my friends are not like that.

I want to be nice to people i love, because i love them, and as long as they are happy, that would be enough.

However, if you are talking about 'people' in general, probably not wise pour your heart and soul before know each other too well coz yes, they might hurt u, intensionally or without knowing it.

*hugs* u have many friends that love u and think about u all the time, so don't let the tiny group or unworthy people affect ur moood ya darling, muaks.