16 March 2009

5 days and counting.

as ya'll know, i've been hanging around at home in Miri for the past 5 days and counting. am enjoying the atmosphere and the hospitality and the people around here. : )

i didn't even know she took this picture! : D

went to visit sarah and ms tiong that day. miss tiong is doing alright as always. still a bit on the tired side but she seems a lot more cheerful. i miss talking to her and listening to her thunderous laughter. : )

spent almost half of the afternoon talking to the boipren sarah. caught up with each other's lives and had a good chat while we're at it.

can't wait till you get your skinny little butt here sarah! XP

super love love!

been wanting to watch this for the LONGEST of time. finally caught it last night (or rather, this morning at 1-ish AM hehehe) on PPStream.

awesome awesome awesome as always.

michellious is a sucker for symbollic movies, especially when it comes to romance.

phewie!! : D

earlier this morning, deaney, mia and i headed to the airport to send our beloved Zin off. it's her turn to land in Kay-Elle now. i have a feeling our LaLa Bear is with her at this precise moment. hehe.

"The Meaning of Travelling."

ooooh i wuv this picture. : )

tagged: zin.
inspired from: 台湾青春片“渺渺”。

bidding our farewells (not that i need to because imma see her in kayelle anyways. XP)

ooooh ABC Special! : P

headed down for some rojak and ice-kacang in the afternoon with deaney and mia before going home. i miss the rojak and ice-kacang here. the sotong kangkung is to DIE for. literally.


went home around 5pm-ish. got changed into comfortable clothes and went online for a while. got caught by My Monkey and we webcam-ed again. XP

had nothing to do a while after, so we went on doing one of our ber-stoopid sessions again.



smiles! : )))


super migraine AIYAK!

monkey: *swings swings*
michellious: =_='''

michellious: i gotta go now monkey...
monkey: grrrrrrraaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!! *ugly face*

we are who we are.

'nuff said.

0: )


as a side note...

...guess who i snatched off the market yesterday?

my 3rd boipren.


i was a little bummed about not being able to get the LG Cookie as i hoped i would, but this baby's proving to be quite an acheivement. was browsing through the phones the other day and was upset that i couldn't get the cookie, but my eyes landed on this one and i felt this immediate liking towards it.

looked it up online beforehand and found out that, like my previous love SE K608i, this phone's limited on the market too. and it's got awesome specs.

and most importantly, mum said yes to it.

so off it goes, into my pocket. : )

3 spilled milk:

CharT said...

3rd pic is sooo Griz lol.


tarotism said...

omg... I over-smiled when you took that picture of the three of us.



I wasn't thinking how come you can MSN with two other parties together but turned out to be you >.<


Renee Ivory said...

I miss monkey lah..=(