15 February 2009

With the ladies.

i can't believe people here actually call it "single awareness day". i think that's just too much a statement to be placed on a day where guys get their girlfriends over-expensive things just to show them how they love them.

in my opinion they could just do that just about any other day really.


so what do all the single ladies do when they can't get the guy to put a ring on it?

(that was SOOOO beyonce wtF.)

they hang out with their single-lady friends and splurge till no end, of course. ; D

as for my valentine's, i was out the whole day with my roomie Lala Bear and my housemate natasha, along with her coursemate cynthia! : )

hawaiian rice @ ridzuan.

walked to ridzuan where cynthia stayed and went for brunch at this little shop just around the corner of her apartment. the food was quite appetizing delish. had a glimpse of how staying at ridzuan would be like.

cynthia & tasha. ^^

it was my first time meeting cynthia and i have to say, she reminds me a lot of siaw ing and MING put together. XD but she's really friendly and nice. although she's indonesian, she can speak chinese really well so basically Lala and i couldn't talk about tasha and later on tease her about not understanding what we said because cynthia would translate everything for her. XD


took a taxi down to the curve at 2-ish pm. it was so flooded with people it was kind of annoying. *grumbles. michellious don't do good with crowds.

but it was nice to see the mall being so prepped up for the occasion. hearts and balloons and love songs everywhere - it was cute. : )

tash and cynthia.
tash just HAD to take a picture here. XD typical tash.

me and laaaa. : )

tash, michellious & cynthia.

somehow i don't understand why she loves taking pictures with these little lovey-dovey deco so much...

but i got dragged into it with her anyways.

AND she convinced cyn for a picture too. heheh.

walking around The Street @ The Curve

Laaa @ starbucks.

cynthia (pretending she doesn't notice. ; D)

a candid tash.

: )

sigh why do i look so tired. i swear i can't take pictures with tash. she makes me look terrible. XD


actually there wasn't anything much to see at the curve. still had a few minutes left before our cab arrived so we had a bit of fun at IKEA and bought a few things for the apartment. i checked out cupcake chic too today. : ) loved the cupcakes but they were TOOO much for my wallet. XD

headed back to cynthia's to help her move to her new place. : )

from her balcony.

i kindda like ridzuan's pool. lots cleaner and more comfortable too because there were less foreign workers waddling there in their work clothes like how we have here in mentari. (>_<) hehehe.

we could even see our apartment from her balcony.

tasha, trying to lempar shella out from the balcony. XD

balconies + tash = disaster.

it's simple math, really. XD


after moving we set off again to the Pyramid for some Single-Ladies Splurge Dinner and a movie. ^_^

tash & cynthia trying to get tickets for movies.

actually, almost ALL the movies were booked full that night (valentine's lo, what to do) and the chances of us getting in was totally zip. but somehow tash was able to pull some strings and she got us into the place. middle seats summore.

sometimes i wonder what that girl has up her sleeves. her network contacts is very, VERY BROAD. O_O it's practically very scary if it were.

we managed to get tickets for "INKHEART" @ 11.45pm. : )

THANKS TASHA!! *glomps

anyway, it was still early so we headed down to canton bay for our dinner as tash has the membership card for discounts. XP

dish1 - deep fried tofu with stir fried veges.

dish 2 - stir-fried snow peas with mushrooms and fresh scallop.

dish 3 - roasted duck and meat slices with sweet garlic sauce.

dish 4 - deep fried tilapia fish slices in soy sauce.

oooh yeah. splurging on good food has never been better. : )

tasha and cyn @ dinner; technically our dates for the day. : D

the idiot and the toy bear.


went shopping for a while and got myself a few things. still had LOADS of time before we could get our tickets so we hung out at The Friendster Cafe because our feet were killing us (yes they have a friendster cafe here. lol).

tash @ friendster. she couldn't get her hands off the phone for even a second. i bet tonnes of guys couldn't stop texting her. XD

butt-ies! : )

she got bored, so she wanted to camwhore... AGAIN. hehehe.

even with esprit bottle she also want to camwhore. =_=

trying on my glasses.


finished Inkheart at about 1.20am. dammmmmmmmmnnnnn tired but what to do. rushed home and found that we had valentine's day gifts wrapped up for us at our front door.

: )

valentine's gifts for the day.
l-r: from vonny, mei, and our landlord Uncle James.

... and a mystery package.

didn't know whom this was from. but we took it in anyway. : )

free coupon! : )

haha got this coupon at the beverage place from Jusco @ the Pyramid. was just trying to get a bottle of water when most of the stores were closed because it was already late. had to pay RM1.50 for one puny bottle at this beverage place where these two guys who were being too flirty. XD

no. i wasn't perasan. it was true. even shella could sense they were being a little bit flirty. lol not that i was into it or anything, but i got a free coupon from those two creepy guys anyway so yay me. XD

owh owh owh! and our catches for the day! : D

scented candles from IKEA.

couldn't find a proper oil-burner stand and oil-burner anywhere @ the curve (like wtf!) so we settled for these berry-scented ones. they smell so sweet! : )

my new converse sneakers.

my Robe di Kappas were growing holes in them. i couldn't bear the thought of ending my foot affair with it because we had a 3-year relationship already wtf but i had to get myself a new pair.

so helllooooo converse. : )

and last but not least... my ultimate splurge:

my MNG bag. : )

this was the first thing i splurged on for the day and quite frankly i am in love with it. although it doesn't seem STRIKINGLY AWESOME to say the least, but i've been searching for it for quite some time now. tash and cynthia were like O_O when i went in MANGO and go the bag but it was my one time splurge for valentine's, so i MUST. : )

lol you can try guessing the price. i'm not mentioning any numbers. XP


i guess basically that's how my valentine's went. lots of shopping with the girls and a splendid time...

... although i have to admit that i don't plan on going out anytime soon because YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW MY EXPENSES FOR THE DAY OMGGGGGGG.


so how was your valentine's? : )

2 spilled milk:

CharT said...

it sucked.

Oooh i wanna have single ladies night out with mamie too! =D

Wait for me in August/Sept!

Derek said...

Hehe... Well, my valentine was a bit special since my friend's birthday was on the same day and it was fun! hehe... Nice day out~ I want to join in too! :D