02 February 2009

When they came over...

had IT exams today at 1pm, so the earlier IT classes were canceled.

and on the journey back to my place, i was followed by three other little minions halfway...







was *supposedly* going to study for IT later in the afternoon... but we ended up camwhoring instead.


first they were shy...

juann: haiya tired of hiding from person taking camera *points at althea*

althea loi n gangstah sis rebekah.

juannnnn. : D

no more shyness. : )

juann checking out my stuff

stay away from MEEEEE!!!

thea and me.

the chellious and rebekah.

althea, juann and bekah.

tunagirl, juann and bekah


... i think bekah literally lost it? ( lol )

juann and bekah, being the big gangsta girl that she is.

octopus on steroids, juann and bekah.

juann: "mamie look! a STARRRRRRRR!"
bekah: "... *pats head*"


althea tried taking our picture using one hand, holding my camera. XD

first group photo...

...but we got tired of taking DESCENT pictures. XD

big hong kong foot!!

sot liaw : hilang akal sudah. XD

squeee. : )


had my first game of pool today.

i made an effin fool of myself because of my VERY SHORT HANDS AND ARMS

but i loved it because it was DAMN COOL. : D

if you can't catch me around school, you'll know where to find me. ; P

1 spilled milk:

Ning said...

I like ur socks, haha, why jemur baju in ur room one?

Wah, so nice to be young...