09 February 2009

Weekends @ Glen-Marie.

As I’ve mentioned earlier in my previous post, I’ve spent a weekend at Uncle Teh and Auntie Pat’s.

Regardless being really upset about missing the outing with my friends, I realized that by being here, I learned a lot. I wished that I’ve brought my camera instead so I could give ya'll a sneak peak and an insight as to what I've been up to. ; )

I love staying at Glen-Marie Cove. It’s so very peaceful and quiet here, it’s almost like a “Zen” retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city and town. I woke up earlier today and headed to the lake that is situated not far from uncle and auntie’s place. It was near sunrise and I sat myself down at the bench at the lakeside as Auntie Pat continued with her Tai Chi and I sipped the cuppa hot milk which I’ve brought along.

The wind was refreshing as it blew lightly at me, kissing me softly all over. I wrapped the scarf tighter around my neck and smiled. The whispering of the leaves in the wind reminded me of the party that uncle and auntie’s friend threw last night.


I had a great time. Their neighbours threw a party because it was the husband's birthday and also for the end of Chinese new year celebration. Everyone else in the neighbourhood came and we all partied our night away. The husband of the neighbour was Japanese and we had rounds and rounds of sushi and gallons of sakae and it was awesome. : )

I’m very grateful to both my uncle and auntie. Through them, I came to know so many people. The residents here at Glen-Marie are so hospitable and friendly. We seldom see people like these here anymore in the big city. I was introduced as uncle and auntie’s niece, and everyone started talking to me. They really made me feel at ease. They didn’t care how old I was or where I came from, they all just started talking to me and took an interest in what I was doing here and everything.

It felt nice. : )

I’ve also made friends with Japanese, American-Filipino, English, Irish, Indian, and Malay. I also found myself talking to a 17-year-old teenager who had leukemia and who is homeschooled. I’ve never met anyone like her before and I actually found myself having fun just by talking to her.

Owh and Ms T, not all homeschooled teenagers are THAT expressionless. : )

Everyone basically knew everybody else and everyone was having such a great time. They had just about the funniest jokes to share and everyone was laughing and cheering, with the clicking of glasses filling the air as they spoke.

And tonight was the night that I had just TOO much lager beer and wine to drink. XD But no, I haven’t gotten drunk, so no worries. Hehe. ; )

There was a moment that night when I wished time would freeze right there and then, and I really wanted things to stay how they were. Sitting amongst the adults and listening to their gossips and their life-stories, I felt this familiar warmth that slowly accumulated from within. I didn’t know where that feeling came from, but I knew that I didn’t want that feeling to go away.

I think this is the reason why I love the course that I’m taking. By sitting there at the table and listening to the people there share and talk amongst themselves, I feel this pang of calamity inside of me. At that point I opened my eyes and just listening to them communicate really made me feel at ease.

It was only then did I realize how big a role communication plays in our daily lives.

Communication is the process where a message or an understanding is being shared between two or more people.

Everyone in this world needs to, in one way or another, be understood. Without having another person understanding us, we’d sooner or later fall into depression.

And in my opinion, as long as communication exists in this world, there will be happiness. : )


As a side note…


: D

Okay maybe it isn’t really obvious on the outside but I *discreetly* weighed myself at the Japanese dude’s place when I saw the body-weighing machine in the washroom and I found out that I’ve lost a few pounds!!


Okay must maintain wtf.

2 spilled milk:

CharT said...

I wan also... =(((

Japanese friends/sushi/weight loss


tiff pan said...

haha be careful about the weight you lose. i am currently still in the process of gaining more muscle weight (i haven't been exercising at all since two weekends ago!!!!). it's hard to fit in the time or i'm just making excuses. most likely the latter reason. ah but i did lose quite a bit of weight since coming here (even after a trip back home). enjoy asian food. there's really nothing like it.